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LadyLake Music Indie Awards - Top Ten Independent Artists of 2013

LadyLake Music welcomes you to join us in congratulating the following independent musicians for excellent achievement this year. The staff of LadyLake Music hosts these awards annually as a means of giving back to the music community in thanks for their support throughout the years. Based on music submitted freely to our agency by independent artists or their representatives, we give you, in reverse order, the BEST OF 2013.

10. Claire Stevens – A Better Day

Pop/Top 40

Discovered via Twitter.

We expect big things from this young lady! Our fave track is ‘It’s Not Worth It’, which will have you dancing along. ‘A Better Day’, the second track, has a definite classic pop feel. Available through 1217 Records.

9. Oliver Moriarty featuring Jemima Price – in Another Life


Discovered via Battfest.

Oliver has a fluid, beautiful voice complimented perfectly by the harmonies of Jemima Price on the title track ‘In Another Life’. ‘Magic’ is another fabulous track.

8. Reg Meuross – Leaves and Feathers


Discovered via Facebook.

Compelling lyrics and exquisite production on this record produced by Reg Meuross and Roy Dodds on Hatsongs Records, was recorded in part at Abbey Road Studios. Our favorite tracks are ‘My Jerusalem’ and ‘My Name Is London Town’ which are both poetic - entwining distinctive visuals with Reg’s superb vocals.

7. Bob Rylett – Moon

Modern Folk

Discovered via MySpace.

A funky style and a Dylan-esque flair, Canadian Bob Rylett has what other singer’s dream of – an unmistakable and distinctive sound. Produced by Jeff Seaman and mixed by Bob Pompei. Recorded at Barrel House Sound. Outstanding tracks include ‘On a Delicate Moon’, ‘Somebody Hold Me Tight’, and ‘When Love Comes Around’.

6. Caitlin Grey – Siren’s Song


Discovered via Twitter.

The clarity and angelic voice of Caitlin Grey immediately drew us into this CD, as song upon song, Caitlin mystifies and enchants the listener, transporting you to a quiet place of peace and tranquility. We absolutely adore the entire album, from ‘Siren’s Song’ the opening track, to ‘Star Of The Sea’, to the stellar ‘My Spirit’. Available through New World Music.

5. Ghost Trains – For Sale

New Folk

Discovered via Battfest.

Probably the best new folk band we have encountered, Ghost Trains have a sexy mix of harmony and rhythm that draws you into tracks like ‘Miss Emily’ and ‘The Ballad of Crazy Nicole’. You will love this band!

4. The Maes – California Calling

Modern Rock

Discovered via Reverbnation.

All we can say is YES YES YES! This band is smoking hot! The opening track, ‘I Gotta Go’ is an absolute made for radio hit, with a very Brit pop feel. Check out the video. ‘One Trick Pony’ is another song that will get you up and dancing! On Fifth Avenue Records. Produced by Johnny Sinclair.

3. Moore Huffman Band – Small Town Parlour


Discovered via OurStage.

A very Jack Johnson kind of relaxed, cool style is what drew us to Moore Huffman. Our favorite track, out of all the great music here, is called ‘Dreams’, which again could easily be a hit song. Produced by Moore Huffman at Foundry Studios.

2. Blackheart – Songs From A Satellite

New Folk

Discovered via Battfest.

Just an amazing CD start to finish! From the opening track, ‘The Sky And I’, to ‘Everything You Are’, you will delight in the vocals of the stunning Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington. Chrissy shines on ‘Me The’ and the beautiful ‘Any Shade Of Blue’.

And the TOP CD OF 2013:

Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini Duo-

La Famiglia Canterina

Italian Swing

Discovered via MySpace.

This is such a jewel of an album, unlike anything I’ve come across. This album is just spectacular from start to finish. Anita has an amazing command of her precise voice, with an uncanny ability to fly from a harmonic gem like ‘Tornerai’ into a swinging tune like ‘In the Mood’ and finally slide into a dreamy version of ‘Volare’. A must buy!

Recorded and mixed at La Stanza Musicale – Italy.

We hope that you enjoy these albums as much as we have here at LadyLake Music! Thank you so much to all of the artists who submitted their work, and congratulations from us to all of the winners.

For information on LadyLake Music, visit us at:

Follow us on Twitter: @LadyLakeMusic

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2013 LadyLake Music Indie Awards

Welcome to the first announcement of the winners in the 2013 LadyLake Indie Music Awards, brought to you by LadyLake Music, an international indie music publicity company representing artists and events in the US/UK which was founded in 2006.

Thank you to the indie artists around the world who submitted music for our indie awards again this year! We truly enjoyed listening to the wide variety of styles and sounds, and this year have divided the winners into two groups; numbers one through ten, who have not yet been contacted, and numbers eleven through twenty, who are listed below.

Congratulations to the following artists for winning these placements in the 2013 LadyLake Music Indie Awards:

11. The Beautiful Word - Particles


Our fave tracks were one through four, especially ‘Mirrorball’.

12. Mercy Creek – Make A Memory


Excellent vocals.

13. The Brooklyns – Swords And Lies


We loved ‘Hand Me Downs.’

14. Dead End Drivers – One Way Out

Indie Rock

Stand out track - ‘My Backyard’.

15. Roy Muniz – Take Me Away


For fans of Neil Young.

16. Jeff Slate – Birds Of Paradox


Wonderful classic rock feel.

17. Dead Sea Souls – We Were Always Electric


For fans of The Police, Sting, Fiction Plane.

18. Sonya Titus – Now


Catchy track – ‘Now’.

19. Audio Disease – Contagion


Standout track - ‘Crazy’.

20. Eva Cappelli & The Watershops Band – Bits & Bobs


We loved ‘The Forecast'.

Keep watching for features on these artists from LadyLake Music, along with the announcement of which acts were chosen as numbers one through ten!

Monday, November 4, 2013

LadyLake Music is Proud to Promote the Tim Snider/Rodney Branigan NW US Tour


Thursday, October 31st, 2013
Good Studio 7pm
US Tour
Okanogan, Washington
(509) 422-1400

Friday, November 1st, 2013
5 NORTH 7pm
US Tour
North Front St. Yakima, Washington 98901
(509) 248-9801

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Old School House Brewery 7pm
US Tour
155 Riverside Winthrop, Washington 98862
(509) 996-3183

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
Eichardt's 7pm
US Tour
212 Cedar St. Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
(208) 263-4005

Monday, November 4th, 2013
The Hive 7pm
US Tour
207 North First Ave. Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
(208) 304-9199

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
Emerald of Siam 5pm
US Tour
1314 Jadwin Ave Richland, WA 99354
(509) 946-9328

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
LG Brewski's 8pm
US Tour
267 S. Main ST. Union, Oregon 97883 USA

Friday, November 8th, 2013
The Royal 9pm
US Tour
4760 South 900 East Salt Lake City, Utah 85117 USA (801) 590-9940

Saturday, November 9th, 2013
US Tour
Incline Village, Nevada USA

Monday, November 11th, 2013
The Grove 7:30pm (7pm doors)
US Tour
95 Foothill Rd. Reno, NV 89511
(775) 324-7683
Price: $10

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
Hotel Utah Saloon 8pm
500 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
Price: $8

Thursday, November 14th, 2013
The Playwright 8pm
US Tour
258 A Street Ashland, Oregon USA
Price: $10

Friday, November 15th, 2013
The Axe and Fiddle 8pm
US Tour
657 East Main Street Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
541 942-5942
Price: $8

Saturday, November 16th, 2013
The Historic Old Church 8pm (7:30pm doors)
US Tour
1422 S.W. 11th Ave Portland, OR 97201
(503) 222-2031
$8 adv/$10 door

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love For Logan Benefit Concert

Logan Connor Meredith was born ten weeks early with EA “Esophogeal Atresia,” which has caused a series of complications ranging from life threatening to severe chronic lung disease. He and his parents Dave and Lisa Meredith of Wood-Ridge, NJ have been in the CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) in NICU for 11 months and counting. The Love For Logan Benefit Concert will be held Sunday, October 27, at the Rutherford Congregational Church, 251 Union Avenue, Rutherford, NJ with concert beginning at 5:30pm.

WHAT: Love For Logan Benefit Concert WHEN: Sunday, October 27, 2013 Doors Open 4:30 pm Concert 5:30pm
WHERE: Rutherford Congregational Church, 251 Union Avenue, Rutherford, NJ 07070
WHY: To raise funds for the medical needs of Baby Logan
FEATURING: Tony Trischka, Toby Walker, Loretta Hagen, Dogs Like Us, Kyle Hancharick, John Dull
EMCEE: “Joltin” Joe Pszonek host of Radio Nowhere WMSC Radio and Michelle Fortier
TICKETS: $25 per person, includes concert, appetizers, light fare and non-alcoholic beverages.
WALK-UP TICKET SALES Dave Meredith Allstate Insurance Agency 50 Union Ave., Rutherford, NJ, 07070 Steve’s Sports Card, Coin & Stamp Shop 2 Franklin Place, Rutherford, NJ 07070 201-935-3737 RE/MAX White House 46 Chestnut Street, Rutherford, NJ 07070

*Get your tickets early, as they may NOT be available at the door the night of the concert.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

LadyLake Music Proudly Supports The Alternate Root's Bi-Annual Support Drive

Help The Alternate Root keep the music alive!
Stop by their page to see how you can make a difference.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Help Bette Carl and Yellow Ribbon Radio Support the Troops

From our friend Bette Carl of Yellow Ribbon Radio - Please read and support the station.

Friends and family,

I just started a Fundraiser on Razoo for Yellow Ribbon Radio. As you all know, we are a full Volunteer station and we are continuing the Mission to Support our Troops, Veterans & their Families. Yellow Ribbon Radio is in Memory of my son Spc. Kenneth Carl, and I was able to open the station on his birthday - June 7th.

This Fundraiser is needed to pay for the stream server fees and licensing fees as well as all the other little hidden fees that always pop up.

With your help, I am hoping to make Yellow Ribbon Radio a 501C3 in the very near future.

Thank you in advance for any donation you give. We really appreciate it and love the show of support for our Troops you always give.

Musical Smiles,

Bette Carl

and the link...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013



THURSDAY $ 20.00 ~ FRIDAY $ 20.00 ~ SATURDAY $ 20.00


CALL 864-356-3444

SEPTEMBER 19 ~ 20 ~ 21, 2013


DAVID SNYDER & LAST ROAD @ 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM
CURTIS BLACKWELL @ 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM
GOLDWING EXPRESS @ 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM
6:00 PM --6:30 PM BREAK


DIFFERENT STROKES; @ 3:00 PM and 6:30 PM


CANE CREEK @ 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM
MISTY RIVER BAND @ 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM

24 hour jamming at campsites








THURSDAY $ 20.00 ~ FRIDAY $ 20.00 ~ SATURDAY $ 20.00

2 DAY PASS $ 35.00 @ GATE ~ 3 DAY PASS $ 50.00 @GATE

CALL 864-356-3444








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Naomi Psalm - Best Female Vocalist for ‘Stare’

1. Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, but I can't say that comes through in my
I would have to say Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, (early) Jewel, Ingrid Michaelson
I am inspired by hearing live music, people watching, my own struggles, bad days, and great ones too!

2. What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The way it is today, it makes it incredibly convenient to get my music all over the world! The downside is, the market is a bit saturated because of that. There is a lot of freedom in being an independent artist. I only wish I had more time on my hands so that I could focus on the music side instead of the marketing side which is very time consuming.

3. If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
Brandi Carlile, because music is in her blood, and she is one of the most multi-talented female artists/singers out there right now. Seeing her live, I was able to see how friendly, humble and down to earth she was, and I aspire to be that for my fans as well.

4. What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
To make more music videos, with over a million views, write more music and record more. On a larger scale, I would like to "make it" in the music business.

5. How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
It's is a huge boost for me to receive this award, and it is great for my music career!


Friday, September 6, 2013

NEW Indie Compilation Album from Red Dragon Records - 2nd Renaissance

Just released from Red Dragon Records:

Today the second hotly anticipated indie compilation album hits the stores!

Consisting of tracks from female fronted rock band; Training Icarus, Heavy metal band; Black Nevada Download and covering every genre all the way through to folk band Flaming Junes 'Psycho'! Have a listen at the free link or head to itunes/spotify/amazon and buy or stream individual tracks or the whole album!




Thank you for your time!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Battfest 2013 - Aug 9 -11 - Tune in Here

Battfest Act - Kassassin Street

Hailing from Portsmouth UK, Kassassin Street are a 5-piece band making a big impact across the south coast with their huge psychedelic sound and effortlessly danceable grooves. Their live shows are explosive and often unpredictable, with the band drawing on a range of influences such as krautrock and electronica to push the music in different sonic directions. Following two self-recorded EP releases and a feature on BBC Introducing, the band are currently in the midst of a string of festival dates including Blissfields and Victorious Festival.


Facebook -

Twitter -

Website -

Soundcloud -

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Performing at Battfest 2013 - Eleanore & the Lost

Based in and around Guildford, Surrey, Eleanore & the Lost are a symphonic prog rock band with a strong gothic influence. The song lyrics are beautifully crafted, whilst the music has catchy, memorable tunes resonating influences from Jeff Buckley, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Bjork, Kate Bush and Evanescence – there are also glimpses of some of the earlier Beatles songs such as Eleanor Rigby, the Long and Winding Road etc.

Work is currently underway recording and producing the second album “The Gift”. Eleanore took time out of performing for the second half of 2012 to compose the songs for this latest offering. Production began at the end of the year but was halted shortly afterwards due to the death of Eleanore’s grandmother. Now finally back on track, the first part of the album has been recorded - it will be released in three parts, with the first part expected at the end of the summer (although a single from the album is planned to be released ahead of this, as a taster). Battfest and The Green Gathering were unexpected performances ahead of the second album – but sounded like such great opportunities – plus Eleanore is very environmentally conscious!

Eleanore (composer, lyricist and lead vocalist) has a spectacular voice and stage presence. It’s a rare thing for any singer to have a vocal range of 4 octaves, quite another to be able to hit the top note on a piano with ease – but it’s the exceptional beauty of her voice that sets her apart.

Eleanore has a wealth of past experience including covers bands, backing vocals, session work, musical theatre, various solo projects and as support to Clare Teal back in 2004. Compositionally, she’s been writing her own songs for many years and in 2004 also co-wrote the winning song in a competition through Celador Productions (for a Channel 4 TV pilot “Write on Time”).

In 2006, Eleanore was commissioned by an Indian dance company (SB Dance) to compose an orchestral piece in four movements, a project she completed within two and a half months. The finished piece “asm√Ękam” (the quest) went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008 and is available on all major download sites. In the same year, she released her first single “Feels so Good” with Madman the Greatest.

In 2009, Eleanore beat 10,000 other contestants nationwide to the Grand National Final of Live and Unsigned whilst also working on her debut album “Parlour Game”, which was released at the end of the year. Fans say that they just don’t get tired of it even after three years and it’s now being discovered by a whole new group of new people as Eleanore & the Lost finally starts to get noticed. The album is available as both a CD and as downloads on all the major sites including Amazon, iTunes and Napster. It is also available to stream on Spotify.

The band, Eleanore & the Lost initially got together to promote the album and between 2010/12 did numerous gigs across South East England including Guilfest, The Half Moon in Putney, The Boiler Room Guildford, Babalou in Brixton, the Fairfield Halls Croydon and the Windsor festival as well as radio interviews and airplay. It has resulted in a tight knit group of friendships as well as colleagues.

In 2011, Eleanore was commissioned by the international environmental charity, WWF to compose the theme song for their 50th anniversary which was also to act as a stimulus piece for the charity’s nationwide competition aimed at young people. “My True Nature” was released in May 2011 and is again available on all major download sites.

Towards the end of 2011, Eleanore was asked to star in a Windsor Festival specially commissioned piece called “Kiss Me Goodbye”. This was a dance show, but all of the dancing was choreographed to Eleanore’s music. The dancing took place in the prestigious Theatre Royal, Windsor with the band performing on stage as well.

Press & radio testimonials:

"The awesome vocal might and musical presence of Eleanore & the Lost are unleashed with a mix of rock, pop and grunge as the story changes direction. Perhaps a representation of youth and love, Eleanore, a Kate Bush-like vocalist, stole the show and certainly uplifted the audience, evident by standing ovations at the end."

Pete Rann, Royal Borough Observer, Windsor

“I have to say Eleanore & the Lost have done us all proud with My True Nature! Once again this is another masterpiece in their impressive repertoire, and I will certainly give it some airplay..."

David Durrant, Brooklands FM

"It might be her first time at Guilfest but Eleanore, the Cranleigh singer-songwriter, has racked up live experience that would make others blush," writes Luke Jacobs (of the Surrey Advertiser). "Winner of a television songwriting competition back in 2004 and finalist in the Live and Unsigned competition last year, the artist is already used to putting herself up for scrutiny."

“Better than any female vocalist in rock going back 2 decades... I'm a rocker and it sounded amazing! She blew me away, perfect voice teamed with a perfect look! Eleanore should be up there with the best… and no doubt she will.”

Richie Day

Twitter: @EleanoreLost

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Battfest 2013 Artist - Karina Vismara

From the rural town Balcarce, Argentina, Karina Vismara is an award winning songwriter, now based in Brighton.

Taking an interest in music at an early age, she began to teach herself piano, using a Beatles 'Rubber Soul' song book she found in the house. A local pianist saw her talent and offered her free lessons, unfortunately this tuition was cut short, when the tutor began to lose his vision. However her fascination with music continued, in-particular her love for the 'Beatles' and with help from her farther began to learn guitar. Dedicating her life to music, she developed her style, taking influence from both English 60's/70's rock 'n' roll, and Argentine musicians.

When 17 she travelled to Europe for the first time, this experience inspired her to start taking her songwriting more seriously. Two years later she moved to Liverpool to study at LIPA, and achieved a distinction in her diploma. She furthered her study in Guildford taking a degree in Sound Design at The Academy of Contemporary Music and won the ACM 2011 Songwriting Competition with her song 'Only You', chosen by Warner Chappell Music.

Her success is anything but casual, anyone who listens to her playing can attest. Her extraordinary guitar playing adopts a delicate finger-picking style held together by melodic bass lines and unconventional chord progressions, which blend perfectly with her angelic voice and memorable melodies. Her lyrics are deeply inspired by personal life experience, avoiding literal description, she depicts emotions everyone can relate to.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Isla Will be Performing at Battfest 2013!

Isla are sisters Charlotte, Emily and Eleanor. Originally from Yorkshire, they are now based in London. They create an eclectic mix of indie/folk/pop combining unique instrumentals with distinctive harmonies.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Battfest Artist ~ Hannah Clive

Words matter to Hannah Clive. Her songs are observational and often personal, exposing vulnerability edged with emotion, always readily shared with her audience. Influenced by songwriters such as Carole King, Kate Bush and Adele, she weaves a web of truth with alluring lyrics and soulful vocals.

Formative years in a show business family from Richmond, Surrey (UK), encouragement from the local musician scene and a difficult period in her life, have all contributed to the emotional nature of her songs and performance. Early introductions to established artists led to recording sessions as a backing singer. Hanging onto the shirt tails of household names was not an ambition for Hannah, who by now was in her late teens and already writing songs with a seductive edge.

Feeling vulnerable and let down by those who claimed to have her career interests at heart, Hannah temporarily retreated from the music scene. A roller coaster of experiences followed, eventually focusing this burgeoning song writer on heartfelt emotions, a desire to reach out and connect – especially with a female audience. The birth of her daughter led to a musical hiatus, before she returned to her passion for song writing with renewed energy and determination.

Driven by the thrill of performance, belief in her songs and encouraged by others in the music industry Hannah started to perform at London venues, seeking the same troubadour spirit as the iconic artists who had originally inspired her. Her sharing of straight from the heart songs, began to attract a following and strengthened her resolve to be taken seriously as a singer-songwriter.

With her new EP: Richmond Park Sessions complete, as well as her recent collaboration as featured artist/co-writer on: The Herbaliser’s ‘Lost Boy’ (Youtube Views: 30,000+ ) – Hannah is now connecting with her audience. Recent performances include major London venues such as: The HMV Forum, The Bedford, The Troubadour and not forgetting Battfest 2012, which trended on Twitter gaining over a million hits.

Hannah performs her songs with emotion, sharing them with her audience, inviting her listeners to identify with the complexities of universal emotions, reaching out to them and, following in the footsteps of the iconic songwriters who continue to inspire her.


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Moth Lantern - Playing at Battfest 2013

Summer 2012 saw indie/rock band The Moth Lantern perform the Emerging Icons stage at The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Great stuff, we like these!" Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

‘Gloriously wonderful acoustic rock with a cinematic edge, The Moth Lantern are a beguiling proposition.’ Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music

‘Quirky, moody yet tuneful and with chord changes to prick the ear at every turn’ Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 2

‘COMFORT’ I’m so sweet on this track it ain't even funny! A terrifically understated voice. A tonic.’ Pete Donaldson, Absolute Radio

The indie/rock band delighted Olympic crowds with a fun energetic up-tempo set, contrasted superbly by original potent ballads, written by band’s guitar virtuoso, Dan Clark.
Jo Clark (keyboard and vocals) adds glamour & dynamism to the group, whilst drummer Eddie George provides the throbbing beats which underpins the unique Moth Lantern sound.
Jason Rungapadiachy (Bass guitar & Vocals) Jason’s powerful vocals are a compelling proposition, adding integrity and depth, as can be clearly heard on all tracks such as ‘ARMOUR’ and the hugely popular crowd pleasing ballad ‘COMFORT’

Listen to The Moth Lantern

Watch The Moth Lantern’s innovative animated video of the track ‘COMFORT


Emerging Icons review
"Our favourite Lincolnshire awesome sausages have a brand new EP available on their Emerging Icons profile - a treat for us as much as it is for you.
With four tracks, plenty of lovely rich instrumentation and Jason’s effing gorgeous voice- you need to get this in your life.
While ‘The Nightmare Is Just Beginning’ leads you into a vast, epic atmosphere with touches comparable to early ‘Shiver’-ing Coldplay.
We still stay in touch with the more playful side of the band with ‘Dog’- stuttering guitar and introductory woofing giving a completely different vibe.
Creative experimentation with the effects and sounds that can be produced through bass and beat provide an additional signature to that lead vocal - which remains the centre piece of The Moth Lantern experience. Get yourself comfy and savour this one cos it’s a beaut."


The Moth Lantern - Proudly represented by Wendy Bailey Management
Bookings and Media enquiries to
Wendy Bailey 07770 665512
Peter Bailey 07733 032078

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Welcome Ghost Trains to Battfest 2013

Ghost Trains
UK Acoustic Band.
‘An inspirational blend of folk and classic 60’s pop’

Big in Japan?... well certainly Russia, Germany and, er Macedonia, which is the result of songwriter Tim Ellis taking a risk which many bands shy away from. Ghost Trains have taken a somewhat unconventional route to develop their fanbase. Picked up via Myspace by a very nice Russian lady who offered them a tour of her home country, from April to the end of July 2011 they packed their bags and guitars and high tailed it to the outer reaches of western music’s appeal - dubbed the Acoustic Beatles, they played to rapturous sell-out audiences and were having to exit by obscure side doors and narrowly avoided being manhandled by the screaming hordes as their strict Russian tour manager stepped in and prevented access all areas!

No strangers to the touring life (they had a mini tour in the States in 2010 even playing California’s legendary ‘Viper Room’ in Hollywood), this tour took them on an unforgettable road trip across Russia, Latvia, Kainingrad, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and Macedonia, where an exceptional street gig paid the guys 1600 euros, which thankfully paid for the tour! Exhausted and terrified (having woken up between gigs in the small hours to find the Slovenian driver careering down the wrong side of a dual carriageway, in a scene worthy of a Bond Film) near the end of a 17-hour non-stop journey from Hungary to Macedonia, the guys decided to jump into the comparative safety of a plane for their journey back home!

“We used to have to take turns to keep an eye on him, and of course, we kept falling asleep too (as he did on more than one occasion!).

We were glad to get back alive if I’m honest.
So we came back, on something of a high, and knuckled down to writing a load more material, did some more touring in unpronounceable obscure towns across Europe and released our fourth album at the beginning of 2012 called Jack and Sunshine which seemed to go down really well.

It had some kind reviews and we went on a number of radio stations, such as Genevieve Tudors Folk show on BBC Radio, All FM in Manchester, BBC Radio Stoke and 6 Towns Radio amongst others.
I had been stunned when I noticed that Andy Hughes, from Acoustic Magazine, chose ‘Miss Emily’ as his best acoustic track OF ALL TIME at the end of 2010. And so I dedicate the opening track of our new retrospective album to Andy. There is a video too, for those you tube aficionados out there.”

Ghost Trains single promo video :

The imaginatively titled album ‘For Sale’ is released on 17th March. The title had more to do with a photo that Tim just had to use on the cover, than any deep and meaningful introspection. Although the album is undeniably for sale!

‘The 12 track album showcases the songs which people seem to have enjoyed the most, as well as a couple of new ones, ‘The Ballad of Crazy Nicole’ and ‘I Want You’. Which will be the second and third tracks released off the album, following ‘Miss Emily’, which will be released soon. This is to give us time to recover from our third European tour - the second one covered the whole of September 2012 and like this one, will cover Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

Nice things people have said about Ghost Trains -

Deep, dark, Americana with a decided edge is Ghost Trains’ M.O. It’s real soul of humanity stuff which makes for compulsive listening. FATEA Feb 2011

Ghost Trains have a sound that bridges the gap between Nick Drake and Crowded House, with the melancholy spirit of one and the delicate guitar mastery of the other....Tim’s melodic and lyrical constructions travel various, always unique paths as they unravel. ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE June 2011

These songs hit on all levels as you absorb the serenity, sentiment and feelings of the human psyche contained within. His songwriting is sublime and touches on subject matter which affects us all - love, love lost and found, love found and lost again. Ghost Trains perfectly capture your mood at any given moment, it is meaningful and heartfelt - reaching deep into your soul.
When they perform ‘Michael Caine’ live, it is simply mesmerizing to witness, Tim’s voice is emotive and powerful, filling the room, and the guitar interplay is a joy to behold. They conclude the evening with another personal highlight of mine ‘Deathdance’ and again the vocal harmonies are to the fore with some wonderful intricate guitar and subtle vibrant percussion. So there you have it, I felt privileged to have been there. John West STOKE SOUNDS Feb 2011

Their music is an inspirational blend of folk and classic 60’s pop, characterised by tight harmonies, outstanding guitar playing and pounding rhythms played out with the kind of energy and conviction borne out of complete confidence and belief in what they are doing. Icarus Live Review from Blackheath Convert Hall, London. Feb 11

For fans of Ghost Trains, this is the album that has been gestating for the last few years of the band’s rising career path. Anyone who has met Tim Ellis, Ghost Trains’ writer and vocalist, will be struck by the difference in his off-stage persona compared with the character he inhabits on stage and on record. A shy man to meet, his songs reveal an entirely different individual, a melancholy soul who articulates perfectly the trials and tribulations of modern romance with a depthless pool of emotional expression in his vocals. Both are aspects of Tim Ellis, but he is anything but miserable – who could be with an ability to create music like this?
The instrumental break in Astronaut features the exquisite lead guitar work of Paul Dennis and understated percussion from Jack McCarthy who both round out the package on the band’s live shows.
As a long-term fan of this band, I have said before that it is a mystery to me why Tim Ellis’s songs are not being covered by any number of top-selling artists, and why Ghost Trains are not riding the current and growing wave of popularity of acoustic music. I can only put it down to that elusive break – being heard by the right ears of someone who can open the right doors. If there is any justice, it’s only a matter of time.
Catch Ghost Trains live in the UK before America and the world claim them.
Andy Hughes ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE October 2012

Jack & Sunshine 'must surely cement Ghost Trains' position as one of the finest proponents of Anglicised Americana out there performing. Hopefully this, their third album will also provide them with the recognition their songwriting and performance deserve. There is something very natural about this album, it strikes a chord because it's easy to relate to, feels like it's something that's part of your collective knowledge.' FATEA Magazine March 2012

Soundcloud link :
Ghost Trains website :
Ghost Trains facebook :

Email contact :

Monday, June 3, 2013

Lo Kloza – Best Pop Single for ‘Hot Air Balloon’

1. Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
I'm a lover of just about every genre so it's hard to pin point who my musical influences are. I admire Lady Gaga for her fearlessness and fantastic pipes and I also adore Adele, Sarah Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson and Pink. If I had to narrow it down to just a few those would be it! I'm inspired by a lot of things happening in my life as well as the things I witness happening in others. I want to tell a story and relate to people and make them feel like they aren't alone. That's what my favorite artists do and that's what inspires me most.

2. What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
Well, the con of course is money… because we are all broke! ha! But… as an independent artist I'm doing it because I love it, not for the money. Music and the ability to create it is so accessible now and I believe that all artists have amazing opportunities to get their music heard right at their fingertips. It's just a matter of putting in the effort and following your dreams. Playing empty clubs can suck… but the filled stadium will be worth it.

3. If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
Lady Gaga, definitely. She's an incredible musician and I'd love to just pick her brain. Her creativity is that of another planet. I love it.

4. What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
As 2013 begins I am really interested in writing more. I'd like to be able to put a full album out soon, go on tour, and… rule the world ;)

5. How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
It is such an honor to have been recognized. I'm so appreciative of the love and support out there for my music. I don't really quite have the words to describe how much it means to feel the love and support but… to put it simply… you are all awesome and I love you! Thank YOU!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tali ‘Icepack’ Jackson - Best RnB Album for ‘Icepack Jackson and Klyph Black’

Toots Hibbert of Toots & The Maytals and Icepack

Grammy winner Charles Neville and Icepack

Buckwheat Zydeco and Icepack

1. Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
My inspirations growing up were Chick Webb, Cozy Cole, Gene Krupa, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Steve Cropper,
The Who, T-bone Walker, Big Bands, Blues, Jazz, and Rock.

2. What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The current state of affairs of the music biz today is total chaos and I don't understand why the FCC does not step in.

3. If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
Jimi Hendrix

4. What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
Working on cd number 2 tentatively called 'bk2biz' (back to biz) and to start touring.

5. How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
Like I'm sitting on top of the world!

To learn more, please visit the following links: @icepack9999 @icepackrecords
imradio icepack jackson

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Mellifluous Partnership; Music Therapy Gives Boost to National Documentary


PRLog (Press Release) - May 6, 2013 - Experts from the field of music therapy have formed a partnership with Terra Rising Records for the company's feature length documentary focusing on the science of music's power to heal and connect people, as seen through music therapy. Terra Rising will now embark on a second US tour, along with cities in Canada, to wrap filming in the fall with the help and direction of some of the top music therapists currently practicing in the US.

Meganne Masko, Associate Professor of Music Therapy at the University of North Dakota, is excited to be a part of the documentary team and the opportunities it could bring for the entire music therapy community.

"Humans have used music as a healing mode for thousands of years, but the public is only now starting to hear about music therapy on a regular basis," said Masko.

"Having board-certified music therapists working as a part of the production team allows for a higher standard of ethics and care surrounding the people being filmed. We want to make sure we portray our profession accurately for the public while also protecting the interests of our clients and their families; having music therapy professionals on the team helps the producers and directors do both of those things.

I am thrilled to be able to share the music therapy profession with the public on a much larger scale as well as introduce others to some of the incredible people music therapists serve," she added

Maria Battista-Hancock, the Director of Music Therapy at Hochstein School of Music & Dance also sees an incredible opportunity for the field of music therapy through this film and greater exposure for those that use music therapy as a treatment method.

"I wish more people were aware of how many lives have been changed for the better by the dedicated work of Music Therapists everywhere. These are skilled musicians who are trained to use music as a medicine that helps create a safe musical container in which transformation can take place," said Battista-Hancock.

"This documentary will show just that and more," she continued.

"Our stories and our songs will have an opportunity to resonate in every human being who has ever been touched by music. I believe Terra Rising's efforts, through this film, will gather a broader audience around the science behind the power of music and how it can be used to allow each individual to reach their full potential."

The Music Therapy Team consists of:

Betsey King, PhD, LCAT, MT-BC, Rochester, NY
Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC, NICU MT, San Diego, CA
Rachel See, MA, MT-BC, Austin, TX
Maria Battista-Hancock, LCAT, MT-BC, Rochester, NY
Jamie George, MM, MT-BC, Atlanta, GA
Molly Griest, MMT, MT-BC, Baltimore, MD
Meganne Masko, MA, MT-BC, Grand Forks, ND

Terra Rising Records is a film and record production company based in Washington DC. Along with the feature length documentary and soundtrack that are currently in-production, TRR also produces and hosts the live art/concert series, Universal MusiCARE, raising money and awareness for local music organizations.

For all PR inquiries please contact:
Michael Ricucci

Friday, May 3, 2013

Being Independent - A Documentary Looking at the Lives of Independent Artists


May 3rd, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA.

From filmmakers Minoti Vaishnav, Erik McCall and Kitty Kalkbrenner comes an international documentary film about the struggles, hardships and ultimate triumphs of independent artists and bands in the music industry today. Following 7 artists and bands - 3 in the UK, 3 in the USA and 1 in Germany - Being Independent is a feature length documentary aiming to educate people about the hard work and passion that goes into independent music, and the struggles unsigned artists go through as they support themselves and their music career.

According to Billboard and SoundScan stats, 32.6% of US album sales came from independent artists. However, these sales come from artists that are already signed to independent labels. There are hundreds of thousands of artists and bands around the world who are one-hundred percent unsigned, and these talented musicians make up less than one percent of chart positions around the world. Furthermore, the National Post in Canada reported in 2012, that independent artists make an average of $7228 per year – less than half of the income of the poverty line.

Why are unsigned artists not getting more recognition in the music industry? The film addresses this question as well as many others, including why so many talented artists are still without record deals, the passion and determination that goes into making music, why more people should listen to and support unsigned artists, and the personal and professional struggles each individual in the film has faced to get to where they are now.

In the US, Being Independent features Chinese-Italian-American artist Di Lee, who writes poetry and converts it into music that personifies peace, love and tolerance, the Ska-Reggae band PapaFish who have just released an EP and have built up quite a following in Southern California, and Minoti, who moved to the US from India at the age of nineteen and just released her second full length album on her own self-started record label. In the UK, the film follows Manchester based Gareth Evans, whose unique blend of experimental and electronica music got him into the regional finals of the UK mic competition, Norman Lamont, a music industry veteran who writes music that is reminiscent of The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, and Erik’s Own, an instrumental musician, former lead guitarist of the Scottish band Ease, and owner of his own radio station EDA music radio. In Germany, the film follows the band Simplistic, a rock band with a rich history, tight friendship with each other, and amazing tunes from their just released first album.

Being Independent is currently in need of funds to complete and distribute their film. You can find them on IndieGogo at Follow them on Twitter @BeingIndieFilm and visit their website at

Being Independent is scheduled to release at the end of Summer 2013.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update from Daisy Windsor and Wytchazle

As some of you know I have recently had a lovely little girl so we shall not be doing quite so many gigs this year. I am in the process of taking bookings and below are a few of the things we have planned so far. Thank you for your continued support x







Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ivory Tower Project - Best Classic Rock for ‘Red Hot’

Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
That is a long list! But to name a few: Queen, Foreigner, Journey, The Power Station, INXS, Kansas, Bad Company, Hall & Oates, Genesis, Supertramp, and of course; The Beatles.

Listening to other songs and artists that have touched me emotionally or intellectually inspires me to want to create something that can touch others.

What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The music industry has been in trouble for decades. Most of the so-called ‘talent’ in the industry are over-glorified super models who won reality TV Karaoke contests. They have much prettier faces than they do talent, and have little substance. They are singing models; not artists or songwriters. Their fame is a flash in the pan, unless they can get themselves arrested every other month like some of the so-called ‘Stars’ out there.

The pros of being an independent artist: Freedom to express yourself. Finding your niche of fans without having to sell out to ‘the man’. The power of taking control of your art and connecting with people all over the world.

The cons of being an independent artist: The threat of being in eternal obscurity. The perpetual hard work. The ‘elitist gate keepers’ that you still have to deal with in the industry. Probably the most difficult thing to deal with is financial failure.

If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
I would probably have to say John Lennon. He was a voice for his generation. He could articulate in words what most people have difficulty saying. He had a wit and a way with words that a true writer can admire. Just being in his company inspired his colleagues to become songwriters, or to hone their craft.

What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
I hope to complete our second CD: “How Much More?” this year, with the hope of feeling good enough to perform a few live performances. Beyond? I will see how my life unfolds…

How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
It is an honor to be recognized by the Independent Music community, especially so of LadyLake Music.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help Houston Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Defeat Leukemia - Fundraiser Going on NOW


As the Founder & President of Houston Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce, I invite you to join me in supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) by making a donation to my fundraising campaign. Every dollar I raise counts as one vote and the candidate who gets the most votes /raises the most money is named the Man of the Year.

You can also show your support and “Like” my Facebook Fan Page for LLS Houston Man of The Year. Follow this link to stay current on updates and events.

Thanks to your support, my efforts, will help fund the therapies and treatments and help save lives today.

LLS's continued advancements over the years, are responsible for the blood cancer survival rate doubling and tripling; in some cases, the survival rate has even quadrupled.

And many LLS supported therapies not only help blood cancer patients but are now used to treat patients with rare forms of stomach and skin cancers. They're even being tested in clinical trials for patients with a range of cancers including lung, brain, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers. LLS funded drugs like Gleevec, Sprycel, Arinza, Tasigna and Zolinza are now being tested for patients with other non-cancerous diseases like Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

We really are changing the face of blood cancer!

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. They'll not only support LLS research but patient services, advocacy, public and professional education, and community services as well.

Please visit my Web site often and bring friends who would also like to donate!

On behalf of blood cancer patients everywhere I thank you for your support! For more information about LLS, please visit

Monday, March 25, 2013

Loretta Hagen Nominated for Two JAM Awards and Invited to Perform at Ceremony

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Loretta Hagen Nominated for Two JAM Awards and Invited to Perform at Ceremony

West Milford, NJ, March 20, 2013 ~ West Milford resident, Loretta Hagen has been nominated for

two JAM Awards (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards); “Top Female Songwriter of the Year” and “Album of the Year,” not only a great honor but also a nod of approval from peers and industry professionals for her new album “Mud and Stone.”

The JAM Awards are New Jersey’s version of the Grammy’s. Loretta will perform April 7 at the historic Jersey Shore Arts Center, in Ocean Grove, NJ. The prestigious event boasts red carpet appearances and interviews from 1:00-2:00 pm and an awards gala that will host performances by the best NJ has to offer from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm. DJ’s, venue promoters, past winners, news and TV media from throughout NJ are among the presenters of the evening. The JAM Awards (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards) was created to recognize local New Jersey original music acts. It has evolved over the years and continues to grow to be an awards program that represents original music throughout the State of New Jersey.

“Mud and Stone” was released by Massachusetts based Trespass Music in March 2012, and represents Loretta’s maturing distinction as a songwriter of merit, worthy of attention. For Loretta being nominated for “Top Female Songwriter of the Year” and “Album of the Year,” along with opportunity to perform at the gala event is special. “I am really looking forward to the JAM Awards ceremony. It’s such a thrill and an honor to be among the nominees representing my home state and it feels great to be recognized for the hard work and passion that went into the recording of “Mud and Stone.”

“Mud and Stone” serves up ‘one part Americana, two parts Folk, and a dash of Country-flavored rock’. Loretta’s rich alto vocals, polished award winning lyrics, and tightly woven harmonies are the hallmark of her career and are highlights throughout the album. The album remained on the Folk DJ and Roots Music Report Charts for months, debuting at #10 for Top Album and #5 Top Song for the title track “Mud and Stone” on Folk DJ Charts. Loretta’s album debuted on the RMR Charts (Roots Music Charts) at #1 for the State of NJ, maintaining its place for several weeks, and reaching #5 for Top 50 Folk Albums RMR. This highly anticipated, critically acclaimed current release continues to impress many throughout the music industry.

A stellar, front page feature review by John Apice (NJ), a contributor to No Depression~ ‘the Roots music authority’ ~ hails the album saying “This effort [Mud and Stone] is first class, top tier, a true contender as an artist to reckon with.” Ron Olesko Host of Traditions on WFDU in Teaneck, NJ was one of the first to interview and air Loretta’s new CD saying “Mud and Stone will be a treasure for weeks, months, and years to come.” Ron has hosted Loretta twice on his stage at the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club in Fair Lawn, NJ.

Among Loretta’s many accomplishments in 2012 and 2013, she signed with the Trespass Music roster, shared the stage with Pete Seeger, Tony Trischka, Eric Bazillian and more, playing premier venues across the Northeast, such as The Living Room in NY and Listen Live Music in PA. Radio interviews included WFUV’s Sunday Breakfast with host John Platt (NYC), WIOX’s Mostly Folk with host Artie Martello (NY), and many more. Loretta’s album has hit many Best of and Top lists of 2012 including #1 by Radio Nowhere host Joe Pszonek of WMSC, (NJ), Winner Best Female Folk for “Mud and Stone” by LadyLake Music (FL) and featured on “We Like It So There.” Roots Music Report placed “Mud and Stone” at #40 Top 100 Albums of the Year, and #64 Folk DJ Radio Top Albums of the Year. Loretta is a 2011 winner of the NJ Folk Festival Songwriter Competition, earned an Official Showcase at the 2012 Boston Mini NERFA and is a 2012 CT Folk Festival Songwriting Competition Finalist.

For more information about Loretta please visit her EPK at Trespass Music or visit her website at

# # # # #


Loretta is available for interviews and “Mud and Stone” is available for review.

Pictures and more info available by request, or by visiting


CALENDAR USE ~ JAM Awards (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards)

Where: Jersey Shore Arts Center, 92 Lawrence Ave., Ocean Grove, NJ

When: April 7, Red Carpet (Photo/Interviews) 1:00-2:00 pm Awards Show 2:00-9:00 PM

Presented by: JAM Awards (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards)

Why: The JAM Awards (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards) was created to recognize local New Jersey original music acts. It has evolved over the years and continues to grow to be an awards program that represents original music throughout the State of New Jersey.

Performers: Loretta Hagen Nominated for "Top Female Songwriter of the Year"

& "Album of the Year" for "Mud and Stone"

Price:$20 General Admission Advance Online ~ $25 Door ~ $50 Preferred Seating & Backstage All Access Pass




Contact Person: Michelle Fortier
Company Name: Trespass Music
Telephone Number: 519-300-5954
Email Address:

Loretta Hagen
JAM Awards
Trespass Music

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ilona - Best Video for ‘It’s 1966’

1. Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
My main musical influences are artists I admire such as Sade, Phil Collins, Dianne Warwick, Seal and Jeff Buckley. I find their music so universal and personal at the same time, a combination I aim to stick to when I create music. I'm inspired by people and situations I observe, emotions, places I revisit... it often comes from a place I don't understand.

2. What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The music industry today is changing more than ever. In a time when artists can be self-sufficient and have the freedom to create and promote without the necessary help of a major label, being independent is a blessing. Recording, producing and releasing my debut EP has been possible whilst still being unsigned, and online promotion has meant I've been able to show my music to thousands of new fans. The cons can be from a financial perspective, and it may take much longer for an artist to break through without a publishing deal, for instance.

3. If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
I would spend an hour with 30 Seconds to Mars, a band which I've loved for a few years now. Their live performances remind me of the energy and magnetism Pink Floyd have on stage... I've managed to get through my stage fright when I started out by watching both bands' live shows.

4. What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
For 2013 I aspire to bring out a successful debut album, tour as much as possible and collaborate with exciting new artists. Ultimately, the aim is to be happy and proud of the music I make, and bring happiness to those who listen to it.

5. How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
I'm thrilled and excited to have won the Best Video award! It came unexpectedly and has made a big difference to my fanbase, it's gratifying to have my work acknowledged in this way. I'm very grateful to Ladylake Music for ensuring the voices of independent artists are heard globally, it's a great achievement.

For more information, please visit the following links:


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Power of Young Women Drumming

(Posting for our friends at Terra Rising)

Over this last year, we've had several meetings and participated in several radio show interviews sharing our vision for Terra Rising. We have been challenged to express through words the power of music to heal and connect communities. Although we have worked earnestly to communicate the importance of music education and music therapy programs as a vital asset to our communities, nothing beats seeing the power of music to heal and connect communities. This video featuring The Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project (YWDEP) does just that. Please take a few minutes to see this video and SHARE IT with your networks.

UNIVERSAL MUSICARE is all about live music helping music thrive! It is our way at Terra Rising of putting action to our desire to see a world where the arts and creativity are interwoven into our communities. YWDEP is an outstanding organization that needs support from all of us to continue to serve all of us. We are very proud to have YWDEP as the benefitting organization for our upcoming event February 23rd at Artisphere. Come meet some of the girls and learn more about YWDEP. Remember to bring your dancing shoes and your Djembe, if you have one.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Terra Rising Launches New and Improved Website

Universal MusiCare Promotional Video Featured

Washington D.C.

Independent film and record label, Terra Rising Records is re-launching their website ( with a promotional video for their Universal MusiCare concert series SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2013 at in Arlington, Virginia. The Universal MusiCare promo features the organization we are sponsoring, Young Women Drum ( as well as the artists performing that evening.

Universal MusiCare is a concept developed by Terra Rising to partner with local music education and music therapy organizations to raise funds by producing live events that highlight the local music and arts scene in Washington DC. Terra Rising is excited to feature the photography of Snapshots by Sam Maloney as well as the music of The Grey Area and Howlin Bends. The night will also be accented by the beautiful and energetic dance of a local Bhangra group.

For the past year, Terra Rising Records has been on the road, filming a feature length documentary, The Case For Music to help show the power music has, to heal and connect communities featuring Music Therapy, Music Education, and Live Music. Universal MusiCare is the physical extension of what the documentary hopes to accomplish. Through their collaborative efforts Terra Rising hopes to build a better music community for the musicians and artists here now, and those that will come after.
"From The Ground UP"

Monday, January 28, 2013

L*A*W - Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album for 'Tha Planet 12 Syndrome'

1. Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
Prince, Funkadelic, Chicago, N.W.A, Public Enemy, Bruce Springsteen, Carly Simon, KISS, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Rakim, The Commodores, Big Daddy Kane, Sly & The Family Stone, New Edition, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Run-DMC, Vanilla Fudge & The Isley Brothers... Life Situations, Television, Cartoons, Action Movies & Strong Women are what inspire me to create.

2. What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The current state of the music industry is in a state of emergency & needs a serious face lift & surgery... The pro of being an Independent Artist is being able to do music your own way with full artistic creative freedom... The con is a situation like mine where you have to do everything yourself which can be time consuming but even with that, it's still a pro too.

3. If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
Stevie Wonder, Peter Cetera, Maurice White Of Earth, Wind & Fire because I want to express to them that unlike the common fans that was just there for the hits, I was into the whole albums.

4. What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
To conquer the music industry & have some influence in it... be a major star but still having my traditional music values & TO INSPIRE OTHERS.

5. How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
It's a honor & serious blessing to be recognized for the pure musical mission I'm on especially after some other major & even independent record labels didnt see the vision! This indie award reminds me that my mission & hard work is not in vain!!

To learn more about L*A*W, please visit the following links:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Loretta Hagen - Best Folk Female for 'Mud and Stone'

Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
I have so many I could fill pages but, my important earliest influences were Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Karla Bonoff and Bonnie Raitt. I wore their albums out! Over the years I drew inspiration from bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Pretenders, REM. Sheryl Crow, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea, Kim Richey, Shawn Colvin, Nanci Griffith, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, John Gorka, Kevin Welch, Emmylou Harris, the list goes on and on.
What inspires me to write?
Lots of things!
A drive in the country, a walk on a warm, sunny day. The mountains, love, loss, happiness, friends, family, life events, special causes such as raising awareness for Alzheimer's Disease, poverty and economical struggles, books, movies, tv shows! Whatever is in my heart that I need to be express.

What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The music industry today has changed drastically in good ways and bad. One of the pros today, of course, is your music can reach many people on the internet through YouTube, pod-casts, internet radio, iTunes, social media etc. So many artists and bands have built a huge fan base without a record company. As long as you have the computer savvy to do so and the time to spend at it, you can do well atcontrolling your own indie career. But still, with all that at your fingertips, unless you are very good at marketing, lots of us still need a team to help get our music out to the public. One of the cons of being an indie artist is that the economy has hit the music industry as a whole very hard, making it tough for artists to get work as much as they would like too. It's more about numbers and filling the seats in lots of venues today instead of being about the music. That is unfortunate because people who attend shows are missing out on lots of great, undiscovered talent, but understandable, that the venues need funds to stay afloat too! It is crucial that fans get out to hear their favorite artists because without them, those artists and bands careers can not thrive. There are still venues who take a chance on indie and unknown artists and we appreciate them so much! Another con is people aren't buying CD's as much today. They prefer to download songs, so they may choose to buy only one or two songs and not give the entire album a chance. On the other side of that, if they like what they hear, they can always go back and download more.

If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
I'd have to say Joni Mitchell. I would love to be in the presence of a genius! I was such a Joni freak that one time, when I had tickets to see her in concert, I was fighting the flu and had a very high fever the day of the show. Did I stay home in bed? Of course not! I could not miss that show!! Joni shaped the lives of so many female singer-songwriters of my generation. I think I would fall over myself if I got the chance to meet her!

What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
For 2013, I hope to get out and perform more, doing shows in areas that I haven't had the opportunity to get to. I would love to write and record another album. I hope to continue on this journey that I love being on for as long as people will listen.

How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
It is a thrill and an honor to be a LadyLake winner. This is my second win and it feels great to be recognized for the work not only that I have put into this album, but all who worked on it with me. Writing is hard work, though very rewarding, it's always nice to hear you're doing something right!! Cindy and Jen are sweet, hard working women and I am so happy they included me on their list of winners.

Links and Info:
Management/Publicity: Trespass Music, Michelle Fortier, 519-300-5954,
Radio Promotion: Trespass Music, Tracey Delfino, 774-269-3834
Title Track 'Mud and Stone':

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Jellybricks - CD of the Year for ‘Suckers’

1. Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
When The Jellybricks formed in January of 1996, we had all recently watched "The Beatles Anthology" documentary on tv, and therefore, an appreciation for The Beatles was our first common bond. In fact, the first song we learned to play together was "Bad to Me," an early Lennon/McCartney song which was never released by The Beatles. Beyond that, we all mutually appreciate long lists of bands, but we have been known to cover Crowded House, R.E.M., The Smithereens, The Cure, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Cracker and Neil Young, to name a few artists whom we all enjoy. Our overall "sound," though - is one which has evolved over our seventeen years together - it's the sound of four guys who are old enough to know and love the roots of rock'n'roll, but who grew up through the years of metal, punk, new wave and grunge music: old-school songwriting elements played with aggression, emotion, and tempered with an ever-present sense of humor.

As for creative inspiration, we all have individual favorite influences... and we all write songs, so those songs come from our individual lives, experiences, observations, and as much as anything, a commitment to entertaining our listeners with new music.

2. What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
We had already released two CDs by the time Napster came along, and the elements of the music industry began to change rapidly around us. In the early days, we were courted by several major labels, but no deal ever materialized, so we have been an independent act for every second of our career. It's the only existence we've ever known, and every success, and every loss has belonged to us, on our own terms. I don't think we regret a thing about what has worked for us - kept us together, making new music, playing new places - and that must include the fact that we have never been "signed."

The truth is that to some degree, we stopped paying much attention to the industry many years ago. We got on with writing, playing, performing, and cultivating our relationship with our fans. I suppose that our opinion on the industry doesn't even exist, as of this writing. Luckily for us, we've enjoyed an existence outside of it.

Nowadays, an artist can relate directly to an audience, with the aid of the internet, in ways that were never possible for any version of the old music industry, so while things will never be as they once were, per se - there is still an opportunity for new music to be shared. That's certainly the part that matters most.

3. If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
Everyone who knows me (Larry Kennedy), knows that my personal answer to this question would be Paul McCartney. The Beatles were my first, favorite band from the time I was a child, and to strum a few chords, or ask the questions I'd love to ask about his life and work - would be amazing. As it happens, I know many people who have met him - but we never seem to cross paths...

4. What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
The Jellybricks have been working on new music, to be recorded soon, and very hopefully released in 2013. We are committed to continuing to try to improve our songs, our recordings, and to play more and more places, for more and new listeners. We are a lucky gang, having had so many good musical years together, so every new year is its own gift.

5. How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
We always appreciate it when our work is recognized, and when people like the music we've created. We are proud to receive the LadyLake Indie Award, "CD of the Year" for Suckers. Thank you!

To learn more about The Jellybricks, please visit the following links: