Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Power of Young Women Drumming

(Posting for our friends at Terra Rising)

Over this last year, we've had several meetings and participated in several radio show interviews sharing our vision for Terra Rising. We have been challenged to express through words the power of music to heal and connect communities. Although we have worked earnestly to communicate the importance of music education and music therapy programs as a vital asset to our communities, nothing beats seeing the power of music to heal and connect communities. This video featuring The Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project (YWDEP) does just that. Please take a few minutes to see this video and SHARE IT with your networks.

UNIVERSAL MUSICARE is all about live music helping music thrive! It is our way at Terra Rising of putting action to our desire to see a world where the arts and creativity are interwoven into our communities. YWDEP is an outstanding organization that needs support from all of us to continue to serve all of us. We are very proud to have YWDEP as the benefitting organization for our upcoming event February 23rd at Artisphere. Come meet some of the girls and learn more about YWDEP. Remember to bring your dancing shoes and your Djembe, if you have one.


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