Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Support Independent Artists Through UHAA Marketplace

Sharing via our friends at UHAA:

One of the goals of our mission is to promote the work of independent artists of all genres with little or no overhead. We place art in businesses and online stores through our Arts Crawl Partnering Program in a manner that benefits both. Our motto of "Support Local. Think Global" applies to anyone from any area who joins us and not just those from the Western New York area. For that matter, we are now a global association. We hope to fill our online store with independent art, ornaments, cds, books, videos and crafts.

Currently, our store carries ornaments, fine art, crafts, music, books and soaps. The proceeds of some products benefit non-profits such as "Kids Escaping Drugs", "Villa Maria Glass Studio" plus our own free community art programs for children and families.

Products include:

Soaps by Silver Raven Soap (Lisanne Wozniak). Proceeds to benefit Kids Escaping Drugs.

Glass ornament by glass artist SM Ann Therese Kelly whose work has been shown throughout the United States.

Framed watercolor painting by watercolorist Mary Connally.

Heat spun sculpture by Lawrence Kinney whose sculptures using glass and resins have been installed throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sharon Lia Performs With Robin S at RHO Waterfront

Sharon Lia kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday at Rho Waterfront (formally KatManDu) in Trenton with a live performance! Sharon shared the stage with Kym D, Ed Smooth, & Robin S. Show Me Love was the biggest party in Trenton on the biggest party night of the year!

LadyLake Music's Sharon Lia with the amazing Robin S.

Sharon's electrifying performance! #Superstar

You go girl!

The Sharon Lia Band