Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Cent Sam

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Interview with Jen Andujar and Two Cent Sam

Before we get into the interview, could you please give a brief introduction on who you are/where you are from?
Two Cent Sam is a 5 piece band from Long Island, NY.

Michael Logiudice - Vocals/Guitar
Jeffrey Burke - Guitar
Matthew Shaw - Bass
Dan Hodgkinson - Keyboard/Horns
Pete Bienkowski - Drums

In 10 words or less, describe your music to someone who may have never heard you before.
60's pop meets modern indie rock

How did you come up with your band name?

Matt and Jeff were "cutting down Christmas trees" and came up with the name by accident while Matt was spouting off on a political rant.

Please explain your song writing process.
Mike writes the song ideas and hooks and the other 4 members put their 2 cents in.

What has been your craziest fan encounter?
We have a groupy like Mel from "Flight of the Conchords" who loves our bass player.

Do you have any rituals you do before you perform?
Sometimes we remember to make sure that each of us have a set list.

What 5 CDs/albums do you feel are the most influential ever made?

How High the Moon - Les Paul
Revolver - The Beatles
Led Zeppelin II
Hunky Dory - Davie Bowe
Nevermind - Nirvana

What was the first concert you ever attended?
Smashing Pumpkins 1996 (Mike, Matt & Jeff)

Who in the band is the:
most likely to get lost in a new city? Dan
most likely to spend too much in one place? Jeff
messiest? Mike
best dancer? Matt
shyest? Pete

If you could be any super hero, who would you be and why?

Can we be super villains instead?

Where can we learn more about you/buy your music?,,, Itunes

Any last thoughts before we wrap this interview up?
Our new album comes out early next year, make sure to pick it up and it's made in America!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Learn About Our Winners!

Rob Taylor - Best Indie Pop Male

A big thanks to "We Like it So There" for the award and the opportunity to be
featured! I've been lucky to have been introduced to some great music through
the blog that I might not have found had I not known about it. For those of you
who don't know me, I'm a singer-songwriter from Connecticut who lives for
creating and promoting my original Pop/Rock music. You can check me out at Thanks again -- this was an awesome surprise and a real honor! I look forward to seeing what great new music will be featured this coming new year.
Happy Holidays,
Rob Taylor

Loretta Hagen - Best Indie Folk Solo

Award winning singer songwriter Loretta Hagen, has been writing and performing music that earns rave reviews for her rich vocals and poignant songwriting. With a style that mixes folk, country and rock genres, she has shared the stage with national artists including Roger McGuinn, Steve Forbert, John Gorka, Johnny Winter, Richie Havens, Gretchen Wilson, and many more, as well as headlining her own shows, at venues across the northeast, making a lasting connection with audiences and building a loyal fan base.

"She writes songs that sound like they can come from the Heartland, but they also really come from the heart." John Platt WFUV 90.7 (Roger McGuinn at Mainstage Concert)

“You’ll Get There Faster,” a sweet country rocker, makes use of soaring pedal steel and crunchy power chords along with the lines: "I’m not showing signs of slowing down / If anyone thinks that I’ll be put out to pasture / You’ll get there faster.”

Richard Cuccaro Live In NYC Magazine June Cover

Lee Tyler Post - Best Indie Male Singer/Songwriter

Lee Tyler Post is a National Touring Artist whose style is a mix of Acoustic Soul, Roots Rock Americana & Southern Blues. His lyrics convey stories of everyday people. The San Diego Troubadour wrote, “...Post’s sound is as much Springsteen and Van Morrison as it is Otis Redding and Al Green: blue-collar heartland grit mixed with Motor City soul...” Lee calls it “Rock ‘N’ Soul.”

Starting out as a San Diego-based artist in the mid ‘90s, Lee opened for the likes of Missing Persons & Blink 182. Followed were live local TV appearances on The KUSI & KNSD Morning Shows. In 1999 Lee relocated to Nashville, TN where he honed his craft playing alongside such greats as, Grammy nominated writer Tony Lane, at the renouned "Broken Spoke Saloon."

Having been tagged "The Gypsy Troubadour", Post tours the US extensively, performing 150-200 shows a year, driving 25,000-40,000 miles annually. Along the way he has released 6 studio albums, lived and performed in cities like Austin, Nashville, Seattle, Los Angeles, Asheville, San Diego and Santa Fe, as well as performed live on many TV and Radio Programs. His live shows have been described as “passionate, powerful and moving.”

Currently, Lee resides in Santa Fe, NM where he is finishing up his next 2 releases, “Gathering The Stones,” and “Half Painted Windows” at Miracle Somethings Studio.

Paulina Logan (for 'Sorry') - Best Indie Single Female

Paulina Logan is a California-based singer/songwriter who creates and
performs an eclectic mix of folk/pop/rock music. She released her first
full-length record WALLFLOWER independently in 2007 and the IF YOU TRY EP in
2009. She is currently writing and recording her new album, NEED THIS LIKE
BREATHING, which is set for a 2012 release date.

Stella Park - Best Indie Pop/Punk Band

Singles. That's what Stella Park aims to write every time the pen hits the paper. Hard- hitting, catchy, rock singles based on love, loss, and other relatable life experiences. The band follows what they call the "Beatles' method" and believes a song must stick in your head for days on end to be up to par.

Stella Park began in March 2009 when frontman/guitarist Jeremy Vandress found himself wanting to start a project centered on big melodies, vocal harmonies, insightful lyrics, melodic guitars, clockwork drums and pounding bass. He started writing very hook- heavy songs. He then met guitarist Mike Rex, who added another layer of guitar to the songs and an additional song- creating ability. The two began collaborating and working on creating new material. Finally, they added bassist Kevin Romanello and drummer Alex Gabor, who add creativity and hard- hitting rhythm to the group.

The band recently recorded 2 songs for Radio/TV with producer Dan Malsch (Four Year Strong, Framing Hanley, Forever the Sickest Kids) Stella Park is currently working on new material and plans to release their debut album this spring.

Stella Park's influences include: Jimmy Eat World, Sugarcult, Yellowcard, Relient K, Fenix TX, Unwritten Law, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Green Day, the Beatles, and Sum 41.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

LadyLake Indie Awards for 2010

We’d like to thank the many artists from around the globe who sent in music to be considered for these awards.

We truly had a hard time deciding on the finalists!

(None of our artists were eligible for selection.)

So, here are our choices for Outstanding Achievement in Indie Music for 2010!

Best Indie Folk Solo - Loretta Hagen

Best Indie Folk Duo - Mercy Creek

Best Indie Pop Single Female - Kendra Gale for ‘Here We Go’

Best Indie Pop Male - Rob Taylor

Best Indie Pop Single by Band - Naked On Roller Skates for ‘Sugar’

Best Indie Pop/Rock Band - Oh No Not Stereo

Best Indie Pop/Punk Band - Stella Park

Best Indie Rock Single - Leah LeGrace for ‘This Isn’t You’

Best Indie Rock Band - Life Without Warning

Best Indie Single Female – Paulina Logan for ‘Sorry’

Best Indie Single Male - Jed Sheldon for ‘Better Off Alone’

Best Indie Female Singer/Songwriter - Camille Bloom

Best Indie Male Singer/Songwriter - Lee Tyler Post

LadyLake Indie Award of Social Consciousness 2010 - Carrie Armitage

Best All Around Indie CD - Jamie & Steve for ‘English Afterthoughts’