Thursday, July 25, 2013

Battfest Artist ~ Hannah Clive

Words matter to Hannah Clive. Her songs are observational and often personal, exposing vulnerability edged with emotion, always readily shared with her audience. Influenced by songwriters such as Carole King, Kate Bush and Adele, she weaves a web of truth with alluring lyrics and soulful vocals.

Formative years in a show business family from Richmond, Surrey (UK), encouragement from the local musician scene and a difficult period in her life, have all contributed to the emotional nature of her songs and performance. Early introductions to established artists led to recording sessions as a backing singer. Hanging onto the shirt tails of household names was not an ambition for Hannah, who by now was in her late teens and already writing songs with a seductive edge.

Feeling vulnerable and let down by those who claimed to have her career interests at heart, Hannah temporarily retreated from the music scene. A roller coaster of experiences followed, eventually focusing this burgeoning song writer on heartfelt emotions, a desire to reach out and connect – especially with a female audience. The birth of her daughter led to a musical hiatus, before she returned to her passion for song writing with renewed energy and determination.

Driven by the thrill of performance, belief in her songs and encouraged by others in the music industry Hannah started to perform at London venues, seeking the same troubadour spirit as the iconic artists who had originally inspired her. Her sharing of straight from the heart songs, began to attract a following and strengthened her resolve to be taken seriously as a singer-songwriter.

With her new EP: Richmond Park Sessions complete, as well as her recent collaboration as featured artist/co-writer on: The Herbaliser’s ‘Lost Boy’ (Youtube Views: 30,000+ ) – Hannah is now connecting with her audience. Recent performances include major London venues such as: The HMV Forum, The Bedford, The Troubadour and not forgetting Battfest 2012, which trended on Twitter gaining over a million hits.

Hannah performs her songs with emotion, sharing them with her audience, inviting her listeners to identify with the complexities of universal emotions, reaching out to them and, following in the footsteps of the iconic songwriters who continue to inspire her.


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