Thursday, February 2, 2017

LadyLake Artist Spotlight - Top Twenty Radio Hits

LadyLake Entertainment is proud to present our new Top Twenty Artist Spotlight chosen from thousands of submissions via Reverbnation. This campaign, we decided to do "Radio Hits" and have selected specific songs we feel are ready for the radio. From country to pop to rockabilly to hiphop, we're sure you will find music you'll enjoy!

1. Greg Harrison Band "Deliverance"
2. The Brian - Alwyn "Loving Between Teardrops"
3. The Bang Bang "Funny Love"
4. Jessy Tomsko "Big Hearts"
5. Hector Ward and the Bigtime "Brown Liquor"
6. Marie Danielle "Soldier" (Featuring The Felice Brothers)
7. Le Lien "Somebody To Love"
8. Sikora "Rainbow Eyes"
9. Gabe Lopez "California Blues" (Featuring Belinda Carlisle)
10. Foxfires "Patience"
11. The Thrill "Whiskey"
12. Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers "Not For Long"
13. Randy Bell "Insomnia"
14. Milton Hilton "Closer" (Featuring Macy Gray)
15. 90 Proof Twang "420 Somewhere"
16. Siana King "Girls Rule!"
17. Br1scoe "alone (remix)"
18. Ruby Roses "Copenhagen Sky"
19. Brandon Jeffries "Everything"
20. Barefoot Modern "TV Screen"

Our "with a bullet" hit: Justin Walker "Three Feet Over"

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