Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Talia Segal - Best Folk-Pop Album for 'The Thing Itself'

Talia Segal is an independent singer/songwriter from Washington, DC. She has released two albums to date, and has been on the road since early 2007, playing solo-acoustic shows all over the country in support of her original music. Talia's songs have received nods from several nationally-recognized songwriting contests including the 2010 Telluride Troubador Songwriting Contest (Finalist); and the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Finalist), and garnered licensing contracts with MTV, Oxygen Network, Indesit, and E! Television. Talia just completed a cross-country, "Free CD" tour in support of her new album, "The Thing Itself", which is due for release in early 2012. For more information, please visit

The Plastic Revolution - Indie CD of the Year for 'Postmodern Medicine'

The music of The Plastic Revolution (TPR) is riddled with substance and is undeniably poignant. Characterized by untraditional song-structure, fantastically catchy hooks, and explosive exploratory lyrics, this music is truly a “revolution” of dynamic proportions.This kind of insight is what the pop-loving, everyday people of the world crave. It is music that is a social necessity in contemporary life: breaking all constraints and categorizations. Ultimately, no subject is taboo and this music is not merely pop/punk/electronica/hardcore or any other characterization. The Plastic Revolution is what we all are, a rough collection of the constant bombardment of stimuli thrown at us at all times; sometimes passionate and sometimes perverse, but always emotive. TPR is currently touring the US 2011-12 and scheduled for a return European Tour later in 2012.

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The Tangibles - Best Up and Coming Rock Band for 'New Frankenstein'

The winner of this year’s Best Up and Coming Rock Band are The Tangibles, a forward thinking alt-rock, jazz, funk and electronic foursome that hails from the great state of New Jersey. Similar to their homestate, they make no apologies for being loud and bringing their distinct personality to their music. Comprised of Brianna Ryder (vocals), Mike Sheffer (guitar/drums/synth), Derek Ouimet (bass/guitar) and Doron Sheffer (guitar/keys), the band is fresh off the press with their formation in early 2011.The Tangibles’ eclectic indie inspiration by artists like Joy Division, John Frusciante, Aesop Rock and Rx Bandits create an individual sound that is multifaceted (with the chaotically beautiful guitar riffs of Sheffer/Ouimet and smoothed over by soulful vocal styling of Ryder.) Their love for true creative expression and each other is prominent from all the sounds they cultivate. As a collective they wish to create honest music by experimenting with noise and life. You can find them at their band pages, , or touring throughout the tri-state area. The Tangibles will be reentering the studio in Jan 2012. Their debut EP “Almost” is available for download now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McAlister Drive - Best Potential Hit Single for 'Hands In Your Pockets'

McAlister Drive is ROCK for people who like Folk, Soul, and Pop. With a modern sound that inspires Jet and Tom Petty to walk down the aisle during an Arcade Fire song, you might find McAlister Drive to be the newborn lovechild… or participating in the open bar at the reception. With roots from New Orleans, Boston, and Brooklyn, this band is now corrupting the better part of the US and Canada to believe in an infused genre mindset. They have been called “chameleons of the stage” and an “organic chaos,” which might be confusing at first, but will certainly confirm your agreement when you step into any McAlister Drive concert. There are mustaches, grooves, serious personalities, and special guests at every show that will make you question your ability to be popular. Expect a lot out of MD in 2012, as there will be a new full length record release, an extensive US and Canada tour, a live record, and a bunch of spontaneous other releases!

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The Beautiful Word - Best Folk Single for 'Emily'

The Beautiful Word are an experimental folk pop 5 piece who have so far been Glastonbury Emerging Talent Finalists, supported the likes of Ellie Goulding, been introduced by Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music, performed live on BBC Introducing radio and wowed onlookers at the Great Escape Festival amongst others, all as a DIY unsigned band. The band create music that teams joyous and raucous aggression with sweet and personal vocals: the purity of British folk with a more powerful sound.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Reads: Best Alternative CD for Stories 'From the Border'

Wenglish band The Reads have had a stonking year since they launched their debut album 'Stories from the Border' in front of a sell out crowd back in March. A busy summer of gigging along with some fantastic national and international radio airplay has seen their fanbase grow steadily over the last 12 months, gaining them some incredible reviews along the way. Definitely one to watch in 2012!

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Twitter: @the_reads

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 LadyLake Indie Music Awards

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual LadyLake Indie Music Awards! Thank you to all the artists from around the globe who submitted this year!

(None of our artists were eligible for selection.)

Best Up and Coming Female Song - Robin DeLorenzo for 'Shakey Ground'
Best Up and Coming Rap/HipHop Artist - LHood for 'Above the Clouds'
Best Video - Transmission Party for 'Don't You Worry 'Bout Me'
Best Band that Broke Up - Other Side of Clearview for 'Goodbye'
Best Potential Hit Single - McAlister Drive for 'Hands In Your Pockets'
Best Up and Coming Rock Band - The Tangibles for 'New Frankenstein'
Best Basement Track - James Mathis for 'You're Going With Me'
Best New Duo - Wytchazel for 'Catch the Moon'
Best Folk-Pop Album - Talia Segal for 'The Thing Itself'
Best Alternative Album - The Reads for 'Stories From The Border'
Best Folk Single - The Beautiful Word for 'Emily'
Best Regional Band - The Northern Hooks

Indie CD of the Year - The Plastic Revolution for 'Postmodern Medicine'