Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ivory Tower Project - Best Classic Rock for ‘Red Hot’

Who are your musical influences and what inspires you to create?
That is a long list! But to name a few: Queen, Foreigner, Journey, The Power Station, INXS, Kansas, Bad Company, Hall & Oates, Genesis, Supertramp, and of course; The Beatles.

Listening to other songs and artists that have touched me emotionally or intellectually inspires me to want to create something that can touch others.

What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry and what are the pros/cons of being an independent artist?
The music industry has been in trouble for decades. Most of the so-called ‘talent’ in the industry are over-glorified super models who won reality TV Karaoke contests. They have much prettier faces than they do talent, and have little substance. They are singing models; not artists or songwriters. Their fame is a flash in the pan, unless they can get themselves arrested every other month like some of the so-called ‘Stars’ out there.

The pros of being an independent artist: Freedom to express yourself. Finding your niche of fans without having to sell out to ‘the man’. The power of taking control of your art and connecting with people all over the world.

The cons of being an independent artist: The threat of being in eternal obscurity. The perpetual hard work. The ‘elitist gate keepers’ that you still have to deal with in the industry. Probably the most difficult thing to deal with is financial failure.

If you could spend an hour with any musician, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
I would probably have to say John Lennon. He was a voice for his generation. He could articulate in words what most people have difficulty saying. He had a wit and a way with words that a true writer can admire. Just being in his company inspired his colleagues to become songwriters, or to hone their craft.

What are your aspirations for 2013 and beyond?
I hope to complete our second CD: “How Much More?” this year, with the hope of feeling good enough to perform a few live performances. Beyond? I will see how my life unfolds…

How do you feel to have won a LadyLake Indie Award?
It is an honor to be recognized by the Independent Music community, especially so of LadyLake Music.


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