Monday, December 16, 2013

LadyLake Music Indie Awards - Top Ten Independent Artists of 2013

LadyLake Music welcomes you to join us in congratulating the following independent musicians for excellent achievement this year. The staff of LadyLake Music hosts these awards annually as a means of giving back to the music community in thanks for their support throughout the years. Based on music submitted freely to our agency by independent artists or their representatives, we give you, in reverse order, the BEST OF 2013.

10. Claire Stevens – A Better Day

Pop/Top 40

Discovered via Twitter.

We expect big things from this young lady! Our fave track is ‘It’s Not Worth It’, which will have you dancing along. ‘A Better Day’, the second track, has a definite classic pop feel. Available through 1217 Records.

9. Oliver Moriarty featuring Jemima Price – in Another Life


Discovered via Battfest.

Oliver has a fluid, beautiful voice complimented perfectly by the harmonies of Jemima Price on the title track ‘In Another Life’. ‘Magic’ is another fabulous track.

8. Reg Meuross – Leaves and Feathers


Discovered via Facebook.

Compelling lyrics and exquisite production on this record produced by Reg Meuross and Roy Dodds on Hatsongs Records, was recorded in part at Abbey Road Studios. Our favorite tracks are ‘My Jerusalem’ and ‘My Name Is London Town’ which are both poetic - entwining distinctive visuals with Reg’s superb vocals.

7. Bob Rylett – Moon

Modern Folk

Discovered via MySpace.

A funky style and a Dylan-esque flair, Canadian Bob Rylett has what other singer’s dream of – an unmistakable and distinctive sound. Produced by Jeff Seaman and mixed by Bob Pompei. Recorded at Barrel House Sound. Outstanding tracks include ‘On a Delicate Moon’, ‘Somebody Hold Me Tight’, and ‘When Love Comes Around’.

6. Caitlin Grey – Siren’s Song


Discovered via Twitter.

The clarity and angelic voice of Caitlin Grey immediately drew us into this CD, as song upon song, Caitlin mystifies and enchants the listener, transporting you to a quiet place of peace and tranquility. We absolutely adore the entire album, from ‘Siren’s Song’ the opening track, to ‘Star Of The Sea’, to the stellar ‘My Spirit’. Available through New World Music.

5. Ghost Trains – For Sale

New Folk

Discovered via Battfest.

Probably the best new folk band we have encountered, Ghost Trains have a sexy mix of harmony and rhythm that draws you into tracks like ‘Miss Emily’ and ‘The Ballad of Crazy Nicole’. You will love this band!

4. The Maes – California Calling

Modern Rock

Discovered via Reverbnation.

All we can say is YES YES YES! This band is smoking hot! The opening track, ‘I Gotta Go’ is an absolute made for radio hit, with a very Brit pop feel. Check out the video. ‘One Trick Pony’ is another song that will get you up and dancing! On Fifth Avenue Records. Produced by Johnny Sinclair.

3. Moore Huffman Band – Small Town Parlour


Discovered via OurStage.

A very Jack Johnson kind of relaxed, cool style is what drew us to Moore Huffman. Our favorite track, out of all the great music here, is called ‘Dreams’, which again could easily be a hit song. Produced by Moore Huffman at Foundry Studios.

2. Blackheart – Songs From A Satellite

New Folk

Discovered via Battfest.

Just an amazing CD start to finish! From the opening track, ‘The Sky And I’, to ‘Everything You Are’, you will delight in the vocals of the stunning Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington. Chrissy shines on ‘Me The’ and the beautiful ‘Any Shade Of Blue’.

And the TOP CD OF 2013:

Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini Duo-

La Famiglia Canterina

Italian Swing

Discovered via MySpace.

This is such a jewel of an album, unlike anything I’ve come across. This album is just spectacular from start to finish. Anita has an amazing command of her precise voice, with an uncanny ability to fly from a harmonic gem like ‘Tornerai’ into a swinging tune like ‘In the Mood’ and finally slide into a dreamy version of ‘Volare’. A must buy!

Recorded and mixed at La Stanza Musicale – Italy.

We hope that you enjoy these albums as much as we have here at LadyLake Music! Thank you so much to all of the artists who submitted their work, and congratulations from us to all of the winners.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 LadyLake Music Indie Awards

Welcome to the first announcement of the winners in the 2013 LadyLake Indie Music Awards, brought to you by LadyLake Music, an international indie music publicity company representing artists and events in the US/UK which was founded in 2006.

Thank you to the indie artists around the world who submitted music for our indie awards again this year! We truly enjoyed listening to the wide variety of styles and sounds, and this year have divided the winners into two groups; numbers one through ten, who have not yet been contacted, and numbers eleven through twenty, who are listed below.

Congratulations to the following artists for winning these placements in the 2013 LadyLake Music Indie Awards:

11. The Beautiful Word - Particles


Our fave tracks were one through four, especially ‘Mirrorball’.

12. Mercy Creek – Make A Memory


Excellent vocals.

13. The Brooklyns – Swords And Lies


We loved ‘Hand Me Downs.’

14. Dead End Drivers – One Way Out

Indie Rock

Stand out track - ‘My Backyard’.

15. Roy Muniz – Take Me Away


For fans of Neil Young.

16. Jeff Slate – Birds Of Paradox


Wonderful classic rock feel.

17. Dead Sea Souls – We Were Always Electric


For fans of The Police, Sting, Fiction Plane.

18. Sonya Titus – Now


Catchy track – ‘Now’.

19. Audio Disease – Contagion


Standout track - ‘Crazy’.

20. Eva Cappelli & The Watershops Band – Bits & Bobs


We loved ‘The Forecast'.

Keep watching for features on these artists from LadyLake Music, along with the announcement of which acts were chosen as numbers one through ten!