Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tunes in Towns UK Music Series Expands World-Wide

Dr. Isabel Aimee along with LadyLake Music

invite you to experience an exciting new music festival series combining arts with commerce called

Tunes in Towns

of which Shepton Shops Soulstisss will be the first event.

We are using musicians as instruments of change to rejuvenate the spirit and boost the economy of business districts in local towns. On Thursday 21st June, the Summer Solstice, musicians will be hosted in Shepton Mallet by the High Street Shops, play from the Town Square and from the town theatre, and are proposed to play from Collett Park and Kilver Court. The festival will begin at 2PM and events will continue until 12.30AM with music, food, art, shopping and fun for all ages.

Isabel’s Shepton Shop ‘The Art Tree’ which she built up with her business partner Nick Bradbury of Bradbury House, will be orchestrating an arts competition created with local sustainable design in mind. Contest winners’ designs will be featured on festival merchandise. The Art Tree will also become the headquarters for the event, with business directories and discounts available and festival music and merchandise for sale. Vacant High Street storefronts will receive temporary festival shops based on a local interest survey such as: a chocolatier, Rita Hraiz's cashmere clothing, men's clothing, record shop, milk bar, cop shop and lingerie boutique. Entry to the festival will be free and donations expected.

‘Tunes in Towns’ began with a little music festival last year, promoted by LadyLake Music’s singer/songwriter, Isabel Aimee, on the day before the 2011 Glastonbury Festival in the neighboring town of Shepton Mallet. "Singing Musicians in Shops" was the aim, to bring back love and life into the High Street. This year, the town council asked Isabel to put it on again- but bigger, thus ‘Tunes in Towns’ was launched- a five year project of inner urban regeneration, bringing music into the high street of five Somerset towns, one new festival each year from 2012 to 2016, starting in Shepton Mallet. Two charities are to benefit from the fundraising on the day: The Shepton Mallet Forest School and Theartree Creative Scholarships for Children.

Isabel Aimee is the project’s composer, coming from a rich artistic heritage of the Whistlers, and the holder of a PhD in sustainable development. She is most keen that the emphasis of the whole festival should be about organic, sustainable development, beginning locally and branching out to interface with the wider economic and cultural region.

The Shepton Shops Soulstisss line up of diverse musical talent unites three tiers of the music industry: internationally known artists from Italy, Denmark, and the USA; national artists, and local artists working together in harmony towards a common goal of urban regeneration and musical inspiration. High notes of the event include Michael Eavis of the Glastonbury Festival- graciously giving his mentoring skills and radio endorsement; Stuart Epps - producer to Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush- has happily endorsed the festival; Tony Moore has added his name to festival supporters and FANNY - the first all-female rock band- are crossing the ocean from the USA as festival headliners. We are currently being promoted by LadyLake Music, Coral Rose Radio and five other radio stations with local politicians and officials championing this dynamic concept.