Monday, October 31, 2016

"They Survived Together" - The True Story of the Neiger Family

LadyLake came across this fabulous project by John Rokosny and wanted to show our support!
John is working on a film, sharing the story of the Neiger Family, the only family believed to escape the Holocaust together and survive.

Additional information can be found here.

From John:
I would like to share the fundraising campaign for our new film, "They Survived Together", the incredible true story of the Neiger family and their desperate escape from the Nazis.

The Neiger family is believed to be one of the only families to escape the Holocaust together and survive.

The 5 siblings, (Sesha, Benjamin, Hanka, Basia and Tosia) who survived together with their parents, are all still alive and living on the Eastside of Manhattan!

As soon as I met the Neiger family, and heard their incredible story, I knew I had to make this film.

I was so moved by their story, I was brought to tears. My goal is to honor their journey.

I want to create a film that will tell the story of one family, in their own words, as a voice for every family who went through this atrocity. I want to honor those who survived, and remember, with deep reverence, those who did not.

I want to share this story so it will never be forgotten.

“They Survived Together” is a story of endurance, unity and hope.

We are offering many levels of involvement, from Donations to many Producer credits.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our short sample of the "They Survived Together".

Please share with anyone else who might be interested. Thank you.

*A percentage of what we raise will be donated to The Museum of Jewish Heritage.
They Survived Together - production phase
The incredible true story of the Neiger family and their desperate escape from the Nazis | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The International Pop Overthrow Festival - Boston

LadyLake Entertainment is proud to have our artists, American Beauties performing in this wonderful event on Nov. 10th at 8:15 PM!

More info can be found below:


Fans from around the Boston area, the country and the world will converge on Boston this November as International Pop Overthrow explodes into its 14th year in Beantown! IPO Boston will feature more than 25 of the best pop artists from the Boston area and beyond, and will take place from November 9-12, with all shows to be held at the very cool venue, PA’s Lounge.

The International Pop Overthrow festival made its debut in Los Angeles in 1998, and in 2016 celebrated its 19th straight year there. In 2001 the festival made its first of 14 consecutive appearances in New York, in 2002 made its inaugural stop in Chicago. In October of 2003 the festival became truly International as it made an appearance at the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool, England, where all shows were held at the world famous Cavern Club, and we celebrated our 14th year there in May! Since then we’ve added several U.S. cities to the IPO family, including Boston, Detroit, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Austin and Atlanta, as well as three international cities: Vancouver, Toronto, and London, UK! In 2015 we added Stockholm, Sweden to the fold, and we will make our 2nd appearance there in May!

International Pop Overthrow has been covered in several publications such as Spin Magazine, The Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Sun Times, The Illinois Entertainer, The Los Angeles Times, The San Fernando Valley Business Journal, The Orange County Register, L.A. Weekly, OC Weekly, The Baltimore Sun, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Post, Vancouver Westender, The Liverpool Echo, Creative Loafing, Billboard, CMJ, BAM, Goldmine, Amplifier, The Big Takeover, and various other publications from around the world, including the retrospective book, The Cavern: The Most Famous Club in the World, by noted Liverpool historian Spencer Leigh!

International Pop Overthrow is touted as the largest music festival of its kind, celebrating the musical styles made famous by such pop heroes as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Badfinger while also focusing on the vast amount of music being made today by those artists who rely on melodic songcraft to express their musical tastes. From The Beatles to Cheap Trick and Tame Impala, the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival celebrates the evolution of pop music.

The entire schedule of events for IPO Boston can be found here, as well as on Facebook.

For artist interview avails, or an interview with festival organizer David Bash, please contact Mr. Bash at

Monday, October 10, 2016

Villa Avenue - Chicago Rockers Rule The Airwaves

Be on the lookout and keep your ear to the ground, as LadyLake's Chicago rock act Villa Avenue is hard to miss these days!
Airplay, interviews and in studio appearances have been coming in at a whirlwind pace, and we'd like to thank our friends in broadcasting who have generously supported this upcoming regional band.

Kudos and thanks to:
Mike Leonard at KCEG Radio
Expand Your Playlist Podcast
Everyone at Fish Creek Radio
KB Radio
The Edge On Air and Illinois Media School
ISX Radio
Dave Darin of the Dave Darin Show
Paula at Paula's Soapbox
Everyone at Casting For Two

For information, music, photos and MORE, visit the band's Reverbnation: Villa Avenue
Follow them on Twitter: Villa Avenue
Villa Avenue is promoted with pride by LadyLake Entertainment: LadyLake Entertainment

Saturday, October 8, 2016

"What About Us" - Musical Awareness Video

NEW DISCOVERY by LadyLake: 'What About Us' by GuGabriel

This project consists of Singer-Songwriter GuGabriel and Filmmaker Alexandra Wedenig on a quest for a livable future.

"Our first project is a music video for the new song “What About Us” by GuGabriel.
The song talks about problems caused by genetically modified crops as well as the necessity to lead a more sustainable life. It calls on all of us to take responsibility – for us and our planet, now and for generations to come!"

Learn more about the project on their crowdfunding campaign page from last year: Click Here

Facebook: This Is WAU
Twitter: What About Us