Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Support Independent Artists Through UHAA Marketplace

Sharing via our friends at UHAA:

One of the goals of our mission is to promote the work of independent artists of all genres with little or no overhead. We place art in businesses and online stores through our Arts Crawl Partnering Program in a manner that benefits both. Our motto of "Support Local. Think Global" applies to anyone from any area who joins us and not just those from the Western New York area. For that matter, we are now a global association. We hope to fill our online store with independent art, ornaments, cds, books, videos and crafts.

Currently, our store carries ornaments, fine art, crafts, music, books and soaps. The proceeds of some products benefit non-profits such as "Kids Escaping Drugs", "Villa Maria Glass Studio" plus our own free community art programs for children and families.

Products include:

Soaps by Silver Raven Soap (Lisanne Wozniak). Proceeds to benefit Kids Escaping Drugs.

Glass ornament by glass artist SM Ann Therese Kelly whose work has been shown throughout the United States.

Framed watercolor painting by watercolorist Mary Connally.

Heat spun sculpture by Lawrence Kinney whose sculptures using glass and resins have been installed throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sharon Lia Performs With Robin S at RHO Waterfront

Sharon Lia kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday at Rho Waterfront (formally KatManDu) in Trenton with a live performance! Sharon shared the stage with Kym D, Ed Smooth, & Robin S. Show Me Love was the biggest party in Trenton on the biggest party night of the year!

LadyLake Music's Sharon Lia with the amazing Robin S.

Sharon's electrifying performance! #Superstar

You go girl!

The Sharon Lia Band

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Video From LadyLake Indie Award Winner ILONA!

Previous LadyLake Music Video Award winner ILONA has done it again with #ChristmasMagic! We LOVE it!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dance Party With Sharon Lia - Thanksgiving Eve at RHO Waterfront

Get your tickets today!

Loretta Hagen - Live Webshow on Concert Window

Loretta Hagen will be doing a live webshow on Concert Window, which starts at 7:00pm EST on December 7. Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in! She’ll be taking requests and answering your questions. You can purchase online tickets on a pay-what-you-want basis starting now at
*The webshow will not be available after the live broadcast.*

Reviewers describe Loretta Hagen as ‘heart driven, soul filling, award winning, Folk Americana.‘ Her rich alto voice and strong songwriting skills have led her to win many awards, including a 2013 JAM Awards’ (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards) “Top Female Songwriter of the Year,” JAM nomination for “Album of the Year,” winner of the NJ Folk Festival Songwriter Competition and designation as a CT Folk Festival finalist.
Hagen’s third CD, “Mud and Stone,” features uplifting folk ballads, up-tempo country swing, and cool, bluesy grooves. “Mud and Stone” debuted at #10 on Folk DJ Charts, consistently #1 on the Roots Music Report for NJ, #5 Top 50 Folk Albums RMR, and continues to receive airplay throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She has performed at premiere venues across the Northeast and Nashville, sharing the stage with Pete Seeger, Roger McGuinn, Sloan Wainwright, Steve Forbert, Richie Havens, Kim Richey and Marshall Crenshaw among others.
Following her critically acclaimed CD Something More, co-produced by Pat McInerney (Nanci Griffith), Hagen released Sundown Till Dawn, a CD that garnered rave reviews and radio play across the country. Sundown Till Dawn is extremely personal, with the title track written about her mother who suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease. Loretta’s Mom passed away peacefully this summer at her home. The emotionally charged ballad is included on the soundtrack of a film called “10 Mountains 10 Years” chronicling the journey of a group of mountain climbers who are raising awareness about the disease. Loretta performs primarily with her trio consisting of husband/guitarist Gary Hagen and djembe players Linda Lambiase or Curtis Kretz.

“This effort [Mud and Stone] is first class, top tier. Loretta Hagen is a true contender as an artist to reckon with.”
John Apice ~ No Depression

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Dyatonics - A New Indie Band From Ireland

New Irish band The Dyatonics describe themselves in their own words:

So we are The Dyatonics (it's the opposite of chromatic but spelt with a "y" because we're cool like that). Variations include "The Dynatonics" "The Deeyatonics" and "The Gin and Tonics"....classic. We're from Dublin, the only county in Ireland as far as we know! Our music is based around ballsy riffs and punchy ass chords, but we consider it to be indie/alternative regardless ;)

Let me introduce the band: We have Daniel Hoff (Lead Vocals), George Ryan (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Malone (Rhythm Guitar), Emmet White (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Brendan Bolger (Drums). I suppose the best thing about the band is that we’re playing with our best friends, people who we’ve grown up with and been through everything with. Having the ability to know your band mates inside and out really contributes to your performance on stage. In a recent review written by Pure M Magazine the author talked about how we gelled well together on stage and how our presence was electrifying. This is our gospel, you will not come to one of our shows to be bored, you will be dancing and so will we.

I'm sitting here thinking about what influences to write, but we listen to a serious amount of bollocks: Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Future Islands, Metronomy, Blur, TDCC, Biffy Clyro, I guess they'd be the best shout!

2014 has been a hectic year for us. We recorded our 2nd studio E.P which we launched on November 10th. We played a heap of gigs, festivals, parties everything....great craic! We've bigger and better things planned for 2015! We’re looking forward into the future, big plans, big ideas. We plan to release 2 new singles between now and within the 1st half of next year, we plan to shoot our debut music video down in Galway over December and of course we will continue to gig across Ireland. Hopefully we’ll land more festivals this year because you honestly can’t beat the buzz of a festival. The idea of a tour has always been on our minds but I think we will wait until the time is right to start organising that, perhaps once we increase our exposure. Obviously milestones such as management, record labels and albums are what every band aims for but we will see what happens as we are here for the long run! I believe that we are still very new to the scene and there is much we can do to make our live experience better which we are working on constantly. Expect many gigs from us over the Christmas holidays across Dublin!

So how did this thing we have going on here come about? Well in the early months of 2012 a few lads who could half play their instruments (some of which didn't own their own instruments) got together and played some tunes. Funnily enough the 1st song we EVER wrote is still in our set from time to time today! But yeah when it comes to starting from the bottom we're the prime example, no money, no mates, just the ability to string together some banging tunes together and the ability to have the craic whilst doing it!

The great thing is that despite all the craic etc. that we've had, we've also been able to do great things with our music. To date we've organised/played two charity gigs, both of which were sold out in The Academy/UCD and this has allowed us to raise money for great causes. We've met some great people along the way and we hope we can continue to do this for the foreseeable future!

Our proudest moment to date would have to be this 2nd studio E.P. We worked so so hard on it and the launch show was incredible! The response was amazing and now we have a good buzz around our material which is exactly what we aim for! The E.p came out very well and we are really happy with how the tracks sound!

You can find us on Facebook (The Dyatonics), Twitter (@thedyatonics), Bandcamp (dyatonics) (stream)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Videscape - The World’s First Video and Audio Platform

Sharing via Tom Oswald:

The world’s first video and audio platform

Videscape is a new platform with a new revenue sharing system. It is housed on Amazons AWS server system, meaning it has virtually unlimited server and bandwidth capabilities. Pinterest, dropbox, Flappy birds and many others were all launched through the AWS server system.

So, Why Videscape?

1. Unique revenue sharing scheme, not only do we share 3rd party advertising revenue but we share revenue from all 6 of our income streams in a 50/50 split resulting in much higher pay outs per stream (potentially up to 8 cents a stream at 10 million users a month)

2. AWS server capabilities, meaning virtually unlimited computing and bandwidth resources

3. It’s a new platform, meaning a lot less content, your videos are far more likely to be found

4. Full video promotion capabilities, at 3 cents a view it is 70% cheaper than YouTube to promote your videos to audiences outside of your local network

5. A multi format platform, not just music videos but every other type of video excluding pornography or illegal content

6. The world’s first platform that combines MP3 uploads with videos, 100 audio streams can be supplied at the cost of 1 video stream resulting in effectively 100 times the revenue for 1 upload.

7. The site will host podcasts, MP3’s and video meaning no more jumping site to site to find relevant content (Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud etc)

8. With MP3 uploads content growth will increase dramatically, with podcasts included we will have an even more diverse amount of content thus more organic hits from search engines

9. The site is 11 weeks old and already appears 3,000 times a day in google search results. If your content is on Videscape and nowhere else your content will still appear top ranked on the first page of Google

10. Full ecommerce systems, sell your content on the site right underneath the video promoting it

11. Constant research and development into cost cutting and enhancing revenue. Costs have already been cut by over 200% since platform launch and we anticipate further cost cutting thus resulting in revenue stream increases therefore more pay to the content creators. This is one of our core ethos.

12. Content ID system being created to protect and enforce piracy concerns

13. First adopters will be able to grow with the platform and provide feedback to shape the platform.

14. Share holdings are available, Spotify is largely owned by the Major labels. This could be shaped and owned by the independents creating a new wholly independent platform

I-10 Connect Nominated in the Queen City Awards

Rize Records recording artists I-10 Connect are nominated for 'HipHop Group of the Year' in the 2014 Queen City Awards.
Voting is open to the public until December 15 so please support today!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CKCU-FM 2014 Funding Drive


On Air since 1975, CKCU-FM 93.1 is Canada's first and longest-running campus-community station. 24/7, 365 days a year, we broadcast & webcast in a large variety of languages and play pretty much every music genre on earth! CKCU specializes in supporting underground, indie, alternative and up and coming artists you need to hear. Our 300 volunteers and tiny paid staff (4 full-time, 1 part-time) strive to bring you the best in indie & local music & spoken word shows. We do this every week for the love of music, information and our audience - you! Each show does it's own programming - no suits making repetitive playlists! This makes the station quite special for listeners to find great new music, and for bands and artists to get airplay when they don't sound like the cookie cutter stuff that tends to dominate mainstream radio. For years we have featured news via the BBC - and Ottawa being the capital city we have had the good fortune to have received donations from various of the countries Prime Ministers.


To stay on air we need money so 2 weeks of every year we come to you with our hats out seeking your help to keep the music and good radio flowing... We do have some advertisers but CRTC regulation limits how much we can raise that way. There is also a student levy but that pays only a part of our budget. The other more than third of our budget every year comes from the funding drive and our beloved listeners. The money is used for rent (the university gouges us for $50,000 each year!), telephone bills, music rights payments (including streaming licenses for our on-demand shows), as well as broadcast and computer equipment which wear out from time to time and need to be replaced. By law we also have to pay insurance. Of course with inflation running rampant, none of this is cheap!

Because we are volunteer run charity none of the DJ's or producers receives a penny of the cash we raise to stay on air.


You can donate online at our secure site:
Our goal this year is $130,000.00 #supportckcu 613-520-3920 1-877-520-3920

The station is having a draw for donations over $20...

For donations of $20 or more you will be entered into a draw for 2 tickets to an NAC concert

For donations of $40 or more, you will be entered into a draw for an iPod

For donations of $60 or more, you will be entered into a draw for an iPad

For donations of $80 or more you will be entered into a draw for a GoPro Camera

For donations of $100 or more you will know that you totally RULE!

Monday, October 20, 2014

TBAIMS October Showcase

HomeGrownRadioNJ Celebrates 10 Years on the Net

Sharing for our friends at HGRNJ:

Boonton, NJ- Three time Asbury Music Awards nominee HomeGrownRadioNJ is turning 10. They're gearing up to celebrate and you're invited to the party!! For the past decade internet radio station HomeGrownRadioNJ has brought its audience freeform programming, from Mozart to Zappa, Scottish to Horror, Bowie to Ellington and beyond. HomeGrownRadioNJ has become a mainstay for eclectic, appointment radio, featuring local up and coming talent alongside reknowned musicians from across the globe. HGRNJ boasts over 2 dozen DJ's and a streetside, storefront studio in the heart of Boonton NJ. They features music and commentary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with shows coming from as far away as Spain and Canada
Founder and Station Manager Todd Mills, along with some music loving friends and family, came together on October 30th 2004 in a quaint studio in Marksboro NJ. Homegrownradionj went live. Scenic Northwest New Jersey served as the backdrop for the HomeGrown studio until 2012 when HGRNJ made the move east, arriving in its new home on Nov 1, 2012, just off Main Street in Boonton NJ. What better place to celebrate the 10th anniversary than in their new home for the past two years....Boonton NJ.
The 10th Anniversay Mini Music Fest will be cued up on October 26th. The show kicks off at 1:00PM and rolls into the early evening at the Boonton Elks Club in Boonton NJ. The event will also have vendors, food by award winning chef Hoboken Eddie, a cash bar and a healthy dose of good music, including east coast favorite Yarn, the Hawkowls, Nadine Lafond Band, Fish House Road, Small Town Sheiks, local favorite MariByrd, Meg Beattie & Billy Tanglewood duo, and Robert Matarazzo. This show is open to all ages. Children 12 and under are free. Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $20.00 the day of the show. Tickets are available at the website.....just click on the "Tickets" button. Come out and join a crew of dj's that has been devoted to the best in music for the last ten years and will continue that devotion for the next ten and beyond.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Envision, Literati Records and Colorado Music Buzz Charity Show

With one million plus in social media power, The ENVISION Indie Coalition, an independent group of like-minded music companies, presents a series of music events to benefit Music 4 Vets on the Giving Stage.

Music 4 Vets charity that recycles musical instruments into music therapy programs for veterans. Since its launch in 2012, Music 4 Vets has donated over 140 instruments to VA hospitals and programs across the US.

Working for the good of the indie music industry: Terra Rising Films, 5th Chakra Artists, Artist Connection Podcast, Brag It On Promotions, Allblitz Media, Cameron Promotions, Battfest, Rize Records, Literati Records, Fat Hippy Records, Indie Minded, Indie Air Radio, I Rock and Boogie, Ladies Luv... Music Entertainment Group, Indie Hit Maker, Matt Barker Radio Show, Feathered Entertainment, Indy College Musicians, Revelator Show, Radio Flote, Twin Radio and LadyLake Music will be joining hands in a ground-breaking 'music meets charity' concept.

The Western event will be the Denver, CO show which will be held on Sunday, October 26th at Herman's Hideaway located at 1578 South Broadway Denver, CO and will be hosted by Tim Wenger of Colorado Music Buzz. Artists from Literati Records and LadyLake Music will be performing in a multi-company effort to benefit Music 4 Vets. The event will begin with photography, press and a meet and greet at 5PM where VIP bags will be distributed. Interviews will be recorded by WorldViral.TV of Denver. The video feed will be Directed and produced By the Film School at Metro State University from Denver, Colorado. Music will then commence at 6PM with the following artists performing: Liat, The Dead End Drivers, The Patient Zeros, and The Black Feathers. VIPS also attending Marcus Greybeard of Literati Records, Will Dupree of Spokesbuzz and UMS , and artists from all participating companies.

About Music 4 Vets and Giving Stage

Music 4 Vets charity that recycles musical instruments into music therapy programs for veterans. Since its launch in 2012, Music 4 Vets has donated over 140 instruments to VA hospitals and programs across the US.

To donate an instrument or for more information contact Deidra Stevens at or call 443-257-2582.

Giving Stage is a virtual venue that raises money for social and environmental change.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The PEACE Fund Celebrity Poker Tournament

Founder Barbara Goldberg announced today that a Celebrity Poker Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 11, 2014, at the Microsoft Headquarters in Playa Vista, CA, to raise funds for Wells Bring Hope.

Actor Adrian Paul (HIGHLANDER, STRIKE BACK) and his PEACE Fund charity have organized the event at the “Silicon Beach” location and are offering fans the chance to play Texas Holdem with their favorite celebrities.

Among the stars participating in the tournament are: Billy Burke (TWILIGHT), Willie Garson (SEX & THE CITY), Rex Linn (CSI: MIAMI), Tony Denison (MAJOR CRIMES), Matthew Willig (WE’RE THE MILLERS), Jarrod and Brandi Schultz (STORAGE WARS).

Fans can participate by playing poker at the actual event or by sponsoring their favorite stars via the website.

The event starts 1:00pm (PST) at the Microsoft Offices located at The Reserve in Playa Vista, 13031 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 200, Playa Vista, CA. Doors will open at 11:00am (PST) for registration.

“Wells Bring Hope is honored to have been selected by Adrian Paul, and the PEACE Fund, as a beneficiary of this exciting event. We appreciate their support and Microsoft’s involvement in helping us bring safe drinking water and sanitation to rural villages in Niger, West Africa. The event promises to be highly entertaining and we urge everyone to come out and support it,” said Wells Bring Hope founder Barbara Goldberg.

The PEACE Fund is the non-profit organization founded by Adrian Paul that supports charities determined to make a positive difference in the lives of children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

For more information visit

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fundraiser to Benefit 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient

We are all about giving back and supporting important causes. Below is some information about an upcoming fundraiser for a young child with cancer. Please support in any way you can!

- Event time/date: noon to 2pm on October 11th
- Event location: patio at Mr K's - 2107 South Blvd, Charlotte, North
- Fundraiser to benefit 5-year-old child cancer victim Holmes Desmelik
- Entertainment: Spectra Music Group artist David Britt, a Charlotte
- Folks can donate to the Holmes Desmelik Fund at
- Hashtag: #HolmesTeam

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big Apple Indie Music Series

Sharing in support of our new friend Jon Landers and The Big Apple Music Series!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wachusett Valley Music Festival 2014

Wachusett Valley Music Festival
725 Main St. (Town Green)
Lancaster, MA
Bring your blankets and/or chairs and prepare yourself for a day of fabulous music on the green.
Tickets are a modest 24. - what a deal!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

11 Year Old Raises Money for No Kid Hungry

11 year old Devon Hirsch gives back to children in need via his charitable project, Giving Grub. Here is his story.

My name is Devon Hirsch, and I'm an 11 year old from Cumming, GA (near Atlanta). I'm in 6th grade at Piney Grove middle school. In my school, over 30% of the kids get free or reduced cost meals because they are dealing with a major money issue. This past Summer I got to thinking...what happens to these kids? How do they eat breakfast and lunch if the schools are not there to provide it? That why I started googling No Kid Hungry. After reading about their Summer programs, and the work that Share out Strength does to promote the #NoKidHungry campaign, I talked with my dad about helping me to create a project that could effect this in a good way. That's when I came up with Giving Grub. I am looking to help in 3 ways:

1) raise awareness via Facebook and twitter (and other social media) so that everyone has more information on these programs. Did you know that Summer meals are provided all over the country, but very few eligible children take advantage of this?

2) raise money for NoKidHungry through donations and sales of my wristbands (see below)

3) collecting food for local food banks though "stock the shelves" days at supermarkets and my school (This is still in the planning stages)

My website is up and running at and donations can be made from there. If someone donates and then contacts me with their address, I can send them wristbands.

Some notable celebrities are already supporting me and I look forward to gaining more support as we go.

By the way, my first goal was 100 followers and $1000 raised...we did that in less than 3 weeks. Right now, my goal is 250 followers (currently at 179) and $2500 raised (current at $1170). I will keep moving these goals as they are met, and I will taking a trip to Washington DC in April 2015 to meet with Share Our Strength and talk about GIVING GRUB.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Photo Recap: Dead End Drivers Live at Higher Ground Festival 2014

Thank you to our friends at Colorado Music Buzz - Here are the Dead End Drivers performing live at this year's Higher Ground Festival. Enjoy!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Stars Shine Brightly for Dale LePage

When New England music is mentioned, you will hear the name Dale LePage, the vocal styling’s of Dale LePage, whom happens to be one of New England’s top male vocalists and most sought after performers today.

At the young age of 17, Dale LePage set out for “the City” and growing up in the small town of Templeton, he arrived in Worcester, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a dream of music. To this starry-eyed kid, this was as good as it gets, alone in a city and living out of his car. Dale continued to live in his car, in empty lots, until he finally landed a job as a bus boy at a local nightclub. Although he wasn’t exactly living the dream, the nightclub provided him a little financial stability and countless hours of music. As Fate would have it, one night while singing to himself in the kitchen, of this nightclub Dale was recognized by the owner of the nightclub and was offered to take the stage with the band. From this point on Dale Lepage has been climbing the proverbial ladder stopping abruptly in 1985 being stricken with crippling stage freight and panic attacks, then after 25 years of being off the stage he is back with a vengeance garnering in the past 5 years countless accolades and award in the music industry. Today, Dale is the major vocals for the Jazz band Dale LePage and the Manhattans.

Dale has been extremely fortunate to be accompanied by majorly talented musicians, such as the winner of the Guitar Legend Award, Mr. Joe D’Angelo, pianist Bobby Gadoury, versatile percussionist Thomas Spears, bassist Geoffrey Oehling, Saxophonist Jim Russo, and his back-up singers, the Dalettes, Denise Cascione and Christine Rap. With the assistance of these great people by his side, Dale has been blessed to be a 3 time winner of “Entertainer of the Year” for Massachusetts, Boston’s “Entertainer of the Year” nominee and Best Jazz Male Vocalist – New England Music Award, nominee if that wasn’t enough you can add nominated 5 times for Best Male Jazz Vocalist for Pulse Music Awards, and has been invited to headline the Boston Association of Cabaret Artists American Songbook – Jazz and Swing.

Dale has received heart felt accolades from not only venue coordinators such as Lisa Condit, from the Hanover Theatre, as being “a great performer,” but, also radio broadcasters from WBZ reporter, Jordan Rich, who quotes Dale as having “pizzazz” and Vincent Lombardi from WICN Radio naming Dale as “a wonderful new jazz voice.” Not to mention, countless talk show hosts boasting about their audiences “are begging for more” after Dale’s performances. Not to mention, Dale LePage and the Manhattans have had 6 sold-out shows at the famous Nicks Nightclub, where the major motion picture “American Hustler“ was used as one of their main locations.

If this has anyone intrigued, as it should, you have a chance to finally treat your ears to a sweet melody of original material written personally by Dale, who was mentored by guitar legend Joe D’Angelo. At his CD Release Party on Thursday, September 4th, 2014, at 6 pm. At the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester
This will be Dale’s 4th CD which features an original track entitled “Long Way Home,” which is a tribute to his father Donald Charles LePage, Sr. In memory of this wonderful man, a portion of the CD sales proceeds will be donated to the Veterans, Inc.
Also, if anyone is interested in attending any of Dale LePage and the Manhattans other performances, feel free to visit his page at There is a complete list of performances and contact information, if you are interested in booking future gigs. But, be forewarned, Dale is already booked well into 2015.

Alexa Whilloughby

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Featured Show: Brian Player’s Acoustic Cafe

Brian Player’s Acoustic Cafe is a Radio Show broadcast around 15 times a week on internet and FM Radio Stations.
It features emerging artists from the world of Acoustic, Folk, Jazz and Rock music.
The show states it is where “Emerging Artists feature alongside Established Performers”.
The show attracts some 3000 listeners on a weekly basis and has a “Play again” feature through Mixcloud.

Brian started in Radio well over twenty years ago in his local hospital radio station in Surrey England.
However, career matters and other diversions took him away from the decks for a long period until taking an early retirement provided him the time to return to his love of radio.
His first show was on the then new internet station Radio Basingstoke. The format then developed into the show as we know it today.
That was just two years ago and in that time the show has gained popularity and is now syndicated to seven radio stations, one of which is in Canada.

A more recent feature of the show has been the periodic “Live” shows. Here artists are interviewed and then perform in front of a small audience, the whole thing is recorded and turned into a two hour “Special” for the stations that carry the show.
These live events are held in a local arts centre and attract artists from all over the UK and one well known New York Rocker ( Marla Mase) included an appearance in her European tour.
Brian would like the show to reach an even wider audience and is always keen to hear from Radio Stations that might like to feature the show that is supplied completely free of charge.

He would also of course like to hear from the Acoustic Musicians that make the show such a success and can be reached via his web site

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Get Heard on TWIN RADIO-Relaunching NOW!

Our friends at TWIN RADIO are relaunching the station and have come out with some new packages for artists!!!

Here's the new promo packages for artists starting with the new launch, choose to ignore this if you want, but it's strictly about business from here on out:

1 week- $25, includes features on all our shows, a Twitter shout out once a day, and a mention on our Facebook Fan Page once a day

2 weeks- $50, includes 2 features on our shows daily, 2 Twitter mentions daily, 2 Facebook Fan Page mentions daily

1 month - $100, includes 2 spins per show, 4 Twitter shout outs a day, 4 Facebook Fan Page mentions as we introduce the new "Featured Artist of the Month" which will also include links to your SoundCloud, reverbnation etc on our brand new website also

Our network is now officially over 1,000,000+ strong so we can get you noticed by the right people.

Artists are required to submit a picture along with your song in mp3 format with a small bio to be used for promotion to

Friday, July 11, 2014

Monster Track Supergroup Receives Glowing Review from

ALBUM REVIEW: Supergroup records two volumes of monster tracks

July 02. 2014 1:27AM
By Mark Uricheck Weekender Correspondent

One of the most prolific musicians in Northeast Pennsylvania strikes again. This time, Bret Alexander is out to have a little fun, with a project described on the band’s Facebook page as “a throwback to a time in life when music was pure and potent,” in Monster Track Supergroup. Comprised of, well, some “monster” AM radio nuggets of the 1960s and ‘70s, the band’s two EPs, “Vol. I” and Vol. II,” bristle with a decidedly analog coziness and unhurried lack of pretention with a meaty production value.

Coming off as the best-sounding basement tapes you’ve ever heard, the music is undeniably uninhibited and just short of reckless, without coming off as sloppy or superficial. The band, featuring Alexander on lead guitar, vocalist Jeff Pittinger of White Witch, ex-Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel, and live add-ons with guitarist Tony Harlan, Jimmy Lovcik on bass, and keyboardist Freeman White, is a cut above your average covers act. From the just slightly tongue-in-cheek reading of Cat Stevens’ “Wild World” on “Vol. I,” showcasing Alexander’s trembling acoustic delicacy, to the stiff upper lip passion on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” on the same volume, the assembled musicians keep one hand in kid gloves and another in a bag of jam session-like immediacy in regards to the selected material.

One of the more interesting covers is Paul Revere and The Raiders’ “Indian Reservation (Cherokee Nation)” on “Vol. II,” with a variety of percussive tricks performed with chameleon-like showmanship via Hummel, the song seguing from moody candor reflecting the plight in the original lyrics to an almost primeval Deep Purple metal chug meets Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare” rock theatrics – too good to be missed. Badfinger’s “Day After Day” is pure daydreamy melancholy, replete with Alexander’s soothing slide guitar passages and a spot-on Vegas-like smoothness in Pittinger’s delivery.

A defining moment is the original song, “Adrienne,” on “Vol. II.” The high-velocity melodic inflection akin to disc one of The Badlees’ swan song double release, “Epiphones and Empty Rooms,” is rife with hard rock bluster, spirited pop punk with a catchier-than-a-cold chorus in, “Adrienne, sometimes I do things you don’t understand,” and a full-on rock star harmony guitar solo from Alexander – the effect is larger than life and will undoubtedly be a blast live.

An excitable detour resulting in a radio gold detox for some of NEPA’s hardest-working musicians, Monster Track Supergroup is nothing less than smiles all around.

Monster Track Supergroup ‘Volumes I and II’ Rating: W W W W W

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rock on the Dock

The first Rock on the Dock Art Show and Concert Series will be held July 3rd from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at the Grand Annex, on 6th street in the heart of the San Pedro Art district. This coincides with the famous San Pedro Art Walk. This is a well promoted music and art event.

More info can be found on their website:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

DJ Daniel Haight - Independent Corner on Indie 104

DJ Daniel's rise to Internet Radio Popularity

I began my young radio career back in the summer of 2007 as an intern for now former Production Director & Midday DJ, Terry Christensen, at a block of terrestrial radio stations in Joliet, Illinois owned by NextMedia Inc. During my internship, I voiced tag lines for some commercials like Nordstrom, The Illinois Lottery, a GMC Dealership and Merlin's 200,000 Mile Shop. I made my on-air debut in early February of 2008 on WCRX 88.1 FM during the Spring Semester at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. It was there that Independent Corner was born and it gave Independent Artists & Bands from the U.S and around the world the opportunity to showcase their best music. It was only a week into the show that Cindy D'Adamo called me and there we established a business relationship that has been on the up-swing for the last 6 years. With the guidance and tutelage from Cheryl Langston, head of the Radio Department, and now former Station Manager, Tony Kwiecinski, Independent Corner became one of the popular weekend shows on WCRX. During my tenure at WCRX, I began incorporating Top 20 countdown shows. It would be based off of listener voting and the number one voted artist/band would take the title of “Best Artist for (current season and year we are in).” I also interviewed artists and members in-studio and also on the phone.

After graduating from Columbia College and staying on the WCRX roster. I heard from Cindy that she and her older son John had a radio show on an internet radio station based out of Lake George, New York called Radiougly. In early July of 2008 I made my internet radio debut. Not only was I playing Indie Artists who specialized in Rock music but I also played well-known Rock artists like Nirvana, REM, etc plus spotlighting an artist & band for a whole week. I left WCRX in early February of 2009 and put Independent Corner on hold to concentrate on developing my personality skills. While doing so I became the Midday DJ. Things were going well till the Station Owner, Ken Lytle, announced to the DJ team that he would be shutting down the Radiougly stream mainly due to lack of listenership and the high costs of maintaining the site. But he was gracious enough to let me broadcast for the final time in early June of 2010.

It was only a few weeks after my final broadcast that I found out that my broadcast colleague, Peggy Murphy, aka DJ PJ, was on Indie104 – iRadio LA; an internet radio station based out of a Los Angeles suburb Covina and I quickly got back on the internet airwaves in early July of 2010. I also brought back Independent Corner better than ever with songs not only being submitted from Ladylake but also from The Organic Media Network, Deuce Management and Indie104's Sponsor, Liquid Audio. Ever since I joined up with Indie104, Independent Corner has been gaining popularity around the world.

I am on every Monday at 4pm U.S Eastern, 1pm Pacific Time. All broadcasts are done live, recorded as podcasts and uploaded to my Mixcloud Page. ( I also own the Independent Corner Facebook Page (http;// where I post links to artists' websites, music pages, etc. plus announcements to any of my major shows or events artists have going on.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 Rock The Arts Park Festival

2014 Rock the Arts Park Festival in New Castle, IN is a Music Festival and Street fair that brings people together to raise money to help our local community move forward and increase the quality of life for everyone. 2013 our 40 bands/artist performing had a total of 250k fans on social media. 2014 we are looking to take it all to the next level including the new format for our main stage area. We have dual stages that are non –stop concerts for 2 days.

Our street fair is 7 street sections of vendor and food booths, concert, food trucks, entertainment and more. The last 2 years we have had the Indiana Blood Mobile and the Indiana Pacers Fan Van. 2013 we were a stop on the Dr.Pepper Ten National Tour. The concerts are a mix genre bag of some of the best bands, a lot are doing a lot of big things. So far for 2014 we have 3 Nashville Recording Artist, including one who will be on America’s Got Talent this summer. Meadow Ryann has won 11 awards in the last few months. Northern Lights has for their front man Olympic Diver Thomas Finchum part of the 2008 Olympics.

Regional Artist Shannon McKeon will be doing to demo’s painting one acoustic guitar each day for crowds. First one will be a festival themed one and the second will be a New Castle themed one. The guitars will be donated to New Castle Community in Action to be auctioned for our cause. Other performers that are booked so far are Don’t Call It a Comeback, Heather Michele and Company, Stampede String Band, Infamous, Shenita Golder, and Losing September. Announcements will be as more bands are added on Facebook at and on Twitter at and we will have artist pages with music, pictures, videos and more for all of our bands on our website at There are a lot in the works that have not been confirmed yet but will soon be and announced so make sure you like and follow us to keep up to date. Tickets are $6 a person per day. Saturday Main Stages will have 15 bands/artist and Sunday will have 14. The street fair and entertainment does not cost anything.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

American Beauties - “Road Trippin’ Spring - Northeast Tour”

LadyLake Music is thrilled to announce American Beauties -
“Road Trippin’ Spring - Northeast Tour”

1) Saturday March 22, 2014 – Radio Bean - Burlington, VT

2) Friday April 4, 2014 – Sally O’Brien’s - Somerville, MA (w/ Mount Peru)

3) Friday April 18. 2014 – Cozy Tea Cart - Brookline, NH

4) Saturday April 26, 2014 – MOVE Music Festival - Albany, NY

5) Thursday May 1, 2014 - Amazing Things Arts Center - Framingham, MA

6) Saturday May 17, 2014 – Sandywoods Center For The Arts – Tiverton, RI (w/Bob Kendall Band)

7) Saturday June 7, 2014 – Bull McCabes – Somerville, MA – (w/ The Brooklyn’s)