Friday, July 6, 2012

Battfest - 'This Generation's Woodstock' Virtual Global Festival July 7-8

BATTFEST- 'this generation's Woodstock'- global virtual music festival is available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE who has access to a computer. It will be going AROUND THE WORLD on July 7th-8th via indie radio and YouTube, and is available to YOU - FREE!

"Fresh unpasteurized free-range organic music, straight to your computer, no artificial colours or flavours."

We have a virtual feast of top indie acts and we're bringing their music to you. This is pure, undiluted, unprocessed indie music presented in the spirit of the original Woodstock.

We're broadcasting from 12 noon (UK time) til midnight on Sat. July 7th and 1-9 PM on Sun. 8th. View LIVE on the Battvision channel on YouTube or on Justin TV and you can also tune in online via any of over 200 radio stations.

There will be interviews with all of the performers on Youtube or on Google+ hangouts, and there will be chat rooms to interact with there.

Here is the Battfest lineup, featuring TOP indie talent from across the UK:

Tony Moore

Tony Moore was an original member of Iron Maiden and also Cutting Crew; he now has venues in London (The Bedford, The Regal Room) and books festival stages (Hop Farm, Marylebone Summer Fair). Imogen Heap, KT Tunstall and Newton Faulkner all owe a lot to Tony.


Beautiful enigmatic Bulgarian singer songwriter Ilona is a rising star on the Indie scene. Since forming a songwriting team with Tony Moore last May, they have recorded an album together and toured in the UK as well as the US, appearing at SXSW.

Trevor Roots and the Collaborators​trevorrootsandthecollaborat​ors​trevorroots
A soulful Manchester-based roots reggae band - lovely happy mellow dub vibe with sublime harmonies from Helen Obaje - you won't find a better groove - these musicians understand the spaces deeply - right down to the roots.

Karina Vismara

Guildford based Argentinian songsmith and accomplished Latin guitarist Karina Vismara is an audio enchantress of the highest order. She won the Academy of Contemporary Music's Songwriting Award 2011 and recently set up

Robert Vincent

Keep an ear out for Robert Vincent - a searingly honest Liverpudlian singer-songwriter whose mix of folk, rock and country is like a Mersey Van Morrison or a Scouse Springsteen. He's got the most intimately rich timbre to his voice - many colours and textures, and a real way with words.

Rodney Brannigan

Impossibly talented, Texas raised, London based virtuoso guitarist Rodney Brannigan plays two guitars at once with a tambourine tied to his shoe. He's invented a new genre that blends rock, folk, flamenco, madrigal, classical, bluegrass and jazz.

Jenny Hallam​jennyhallammusic

From the moment she takes the stage, Jenny Hallam's exuberance is obvious, her broad smile contagious, and she is a very accomplished pianist and songwriter. Her album '25, 000 Days' came out in February.

Elijah MC

Elijah MC is a unique talent who creates dubwise tracks using just the sound of his own voice. Using live vocal loop samples, he builds a track from the ground up – layering beats, basslines, backing vocals and FX, then adds his sweet golden singing voice or reggae-style chat.

Lisa VonH​lisavonh

A support act to Toyah and Sioxsie and the Banshees, Battfest 2011 was her comeback gig after 14 years off. A talented, prolific, versatile writer with a beautifully clear folk voice that can also boom out a mean soul lick.

Donna Fullman​donnafullman

Donna Fullman is a singer songwriter from Brighton, with a new album Inner World - the Doors meet Clannad. She's all about tone: rich, mellow, relaxing, soothing Floydy folk.

Sam Batt​sambatt

Founder of Battfest, Sam has topped international radio and video charts, recently winning OurStage in Funk. A fantastic combination of energy, style and polish- Cyndi Lauper meets Stevie Nicks.


Bemis are an acoustic band featuring two singer-songwriters with a passion for vocal harmonies and interwoven guitar parts.They won the 2008 "Portsmouth Guide" Folk/Roots award and the Forest FM "Breakthrough" award in July 2009.

The Vindickers​Vindickers

Energetic punk/rock band the Vindickers have been together since summer 2011 and have already recorded 2 albums. They're noisy and a lot of fun.

Ossie Gad​ossiegad

Singer with the dub reggae band Nucleus Roots. He has the most mellifluous voice, and expert timing. He had a hit with his other band the Natural Ites with Picture On The Wall, which is the anthem to Haile Selassie.


Blackheart are an acoustic folk duo - very melodic and lyrical - they sing great harmonies and weave acoustic guitar parts. Their third album "Songs From A Satellite" is coming out this summer.

The Dub'n'Tuff Allstars

The Dub'n'Tuff All Stars are an uplifting reggae soul funk 6 piece with influences ranging from Motown to punk, reggae, soul and funk. They've supported the Dub Pistols, the Resonators, Wide Eyed Order and King Porter Stomp.

27 Band

Mischievous rocker Johnny Mason (who also does a mean Paul Weller tribute) and his acoustic band 27 are old friends reunited. Johnny has a fabulously gravelly rock voice and is cockier than Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart combined!

Jack Mason

Jack Mason, son of the infamous Johnny, played at Battfest 2011 at the tender age of 13. Jack writes his own material and plays guitar, ukelele and keyboard.

Dangerous Dinky and Rubbersidedown

Small in stature but huge in spirit, she cycles around London with her guitar on her back - hence the name. She's a freestyle rapping, guitar playing, heart banging regular everyday audio terrorist.

Matty James

A social media master, his reggae/dance band 'Paint With Fire' got to #1 nationally on the Reverbnation charts for all genres and #27 globally.

Unity Division

Serena and Dru connect when they sing together, you can see the love in their eyes.

Carlos Fortin

Carlos Fortin is a brilliant bass player who has played for Freeland, Alison David, Score, King Size Slim, Infusion and Adikt. He will be doing 'Your Love' written for Gala Orsborn's 2011 album 'Voice Inside'.

Katie Macnamara​Katie.musicpage​katiemacnamara

15 year old Katie Macnamara led her band 'Never Mundane' to success at Bristol 'Y-Factor' Battle of the Bands in 2011, now performing as a solo singer/guitarist.

Carrie Haber

Carrie Haber, a superb pianist with a marvelous resonant voice, has supported Bob Geldof and The Feeling, and was the feature act for a Sting ‘after party’. Best Songwriter and Best Female Artist at the Malta Music Awards in 2009.

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