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Oh No Not Stereo

Based out of CA, Oh No Not Stereo is one of those bands that will keep you running back for more! Don't believe me? Take one listen and you will be hooked!
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Interview with Jen Andujar and Oh No Not Stereo:

Questions answered by

SKYLER NIELSEN (Vocals/Guitar)

1. Brief intro: Who you are, where you are from, etc.

MYKUL LEE: We're Oh No Not Stereo from Los Angeles!

SKYLER NIELSEN: Our band started in 2003, as a duo. We've been evolving ever since, from a duo to a trio, and now as a touring quartet.

JUSSI KARVINEN: I'm originally from Finland, and joined ONNS in 2008!

2. In one sentence, describe you're music to someone who may have never heard you before.

MYKUL LEE: High-energy, edgy, hard rock with pop moments.

SKYLER NIELSEN: Fun, refreshing, melodic rock and roll!

JUSSI KARVINEN: Sexy and dangerous, with a splash of sting.

3. Who are your biggest musical influences?

MYKUL LEE: Iron Maiden



4. Describe your dream tour:

MYKUL LEE: Interplanetary tour. Sharing a spaceship with The Beatles.

SKYLER NIELSEN: I'd love to tour the world with Green Day and Foo Fighters. Alison Lohman would sell merch, Obama would be our Tour Manager, and Tracy Morgan would drive our bus.


5. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

MYKUL LEE: On tour with Paul McCartney in space.

SKYLER NIELSEN: I would think that within the next 5 years, we will release atleast 3 more records, on top of a whole lot of singles etc... and we'll surely have exponential touring miles under our belt!


6. What's the most played song on your iPod?

MYKUL LEE: A song called "Take Take Take" from a band that we just produced called The Royal Heist.

SKYLER NIELSEN: "The Way I Feel Inside" by The Zombies

JUSSI KARVINEN: "Lying Through Your Teeth" by Head Automatica

7. Explain your song writing process.

MYKUL LEE: I'm not ashamed to admit that i like starting from the inside and working my way out. gives me an idea of what im working towards without having to write my way there to find it. typically i will start with the chorus and work backwards. everything after the first chorus, in a basic skeletal sense, is just a repeat of everything up to the first chorus.. of course with the exception of bridges and solos. I don't like templated songs, but i take what i can from them. i know that a song, from its inception, travels a LONG way before it ends up on your ipod.. so we're constantly reworking our demo songs until we hit the studio.

SKYLER NIELSEN: No two songs that I write are ever written the same way. I don't use formulas or anything, my biggest challenge seems to be capturing content throughout the day... inspiration seems to come when you least expect it. If I can jam out with the guys and have a whole lot of ideas on the table to jam out, it's a lot easier to get a flow going. Even on the other hand, there's something really fresh about writing off the cuff with the band, just putting ideas together out of thin air.

8. What's one random fact that not many people know about you?

I'm from Oklahoma and I see dead people.

SKYLER NIELSEN: I am an Eagle Scout, and can't hear out of my right ear.

I can play the drums and bass!

9. Best/Worst thing about being a musician?

MYKUL LEE: Best thing: Getting to see the world. Worst thing: Leaving California.

SKYLER NIELSEN: Best thing: Artistic expression is so awesome! Seems like it's the only career in the world where you're always in a stinky bathroom, but it's worth the perks!

Seeing different cities every day on tour. Worst thing: Hot-baggin' on the side of the freeway!

10. Proudest moment so far?

MYKUL LEE: Touring the UK with The All-American Rejects was one of the funner things we've ever done.

SKYLER NIELSEN: We're proud to say we've played South By Southwest in Austin for SIX years in a row now, and every time it gets crazier and crazier. The Bayside and Hit The Lights tour in England was a great life experience!

JUSSI KARVINEN: Shepards Bush Empire in London! My parents came to see us from Finland!

11. Craziest fan encounter?

MYKUL LEE: Some girl jumped the barricades at Wembly last week and tried to pee on our singer.. turns out it was Lohan. Man, she sure knows how to party.

SKYLER NIELSEN: Some girl thought I was Russell Brand at LAX and started crying... other than that I'm gonna have to give the trophy to the crazy fan who we had to do an exorcism on in our hotel bathroom floor in Albuquerque.

JUSSI KARVINEN: Signing a girl's chest in Scotland. Wasn't bad, other than the fact that she still had braces she was so young.

12. You are stuck on a deserted island. What are three things you can't live without?

MYKUL LEE: Whiskey, a guitar, Bill 'n Ted's Excellent Adventure on VHS.

SKYLER NIELSEN: Hopefully they have coconuts! I'll take three of those.

JUSSI KARVINEN: Swiss-army knife, Guitar, Myk's bottle of Whiskey.

13. Any last thoughts before we wrap this interview up?

MYKUL LEE: Check out the sweet youtube video of Justin Bieber getting rocked with a water bottle recently.. hilarious! No, seriously. Just type in "Justin Bieber gets hit with bottle in the face"... it'll make your day.



JUSSI KARVINEN: Thanks for doing this interview with us! Come see us play live!

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