Monday, August 25, 2014

The Stars Shine Brightly for Dale LePage

When New England music is mentioned, you will hear the name Dale LePage, the vocal styling’s of Dale LePage, whom happens to be one of New England’s top male vocalists and most sought after performers today.

At the young age of 17, Dale LePage set out for “the City” and growing up in the small town of Templeton, he arrived in Worcester, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a dream of music. To this starry-eyed kid, this was as good as it gets, alone in a city and living out of his car. Dale continued to live in his car, in empty lots, until he finally landed a job as a bus boy at a local nightclub. Although he wasn’t exactly living the dream, the nightclub provided him a little financial stability and countless hours of music. As Fate would have it, one night while singing to himself in the kitchen, of this nightclub Dale was recognized by the owner of the nightclub and was offered to take the stage with the band. From this point on Dale Lepage has been climbing the proverbial ladder stopping abruptly in 1985 being stricken with crippling stage freight and panic attacks, then after 25 years of being off the stage he is back with a vengeance garnering in the past 5 years countless accolades and award in the music industry. Today, Dale is the major vocals for the Jazz band Dale LePage and the Manhattans.

Dale has been extremely fortunate to be accompanied by majorly talented musicians, such as the winner of the Guitar Legend Award, Mr. Joe D’Angelo, pianist Bobby Gadoury, versatile percussionist Thomas Spears, bassist Geoffrey Oehling, Saxophonist Jim Russo, and his back-up singers, the Dalettes, Denise Cascione and Christine Rap. With the assistance of these great people by his side, Dale has been blessed to be a 3 time winner of “Entertainer of the Year” for Massachusetts, Boston’s “Entertainer of the Year” nominee and Best Jazz Male Vocalist – New England Music Award, nominee if that wasn’t enough you can add nominated 5 times for Best Male Jazz Vocalist for Pulse Music Awards, and has been invited to headline the Boston Association of Cabaret Artists American Songbook – Jazz and Swing.

Dale has received heart felt accolades from not only venue coordinators such as Lisa Condit, from the Hanover Theatre, as being “a great performer,” but, also radio broadcasters from WBZ reporter, Jordan Rich, who quotes Dale as having “pizzazz” and Vincent Lombardi from WICN Radio naming Dale as “a wonderful new jazz voice.” Not to mention, countless talk show hosts boasting about their audiences “are begging for more” after Dale’s performances. Not to mention, Dale LePage and the Manhattans have had 6 sold-out shows at the famous Nicks Nightclub, where the major motion picture “American Hustler“ was used as one of their main locations.

If this has anyone intrigued, as it should, you have a chance to finally treat your ears to a sweet melody of original material written personally by Dale, who was mentored by guitar legend Joe D’Angelo. At his CD Release Party on Thursday, September 4th, 2014, at 6 pm. At the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester
This will be Dale’s 4th CD which features an original track entitled “Long Way Home,” which is a tribute to his father Donald Charles LePage, Sr. In memory of this wonderful man, a portion of the CD sales proceeds will be donated to the Veterans, Inc.
Also, if anyone is interested in attending any of Dale LePage and the Manhattans other performances, feel free to visit his page at There is a complete list of performances and contact information, if you are interested in booking future gigs. But, be forewarned, Dale is already booked well into 2015.

Alexa Whilloughby

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