Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CKCU-FM 2014 Funding Drive


On Air since 1975, CKCU-FM 93.1 is Canada's first and longest-running campus-community station. 24/7, 365 days a year, we broadcast & webcast in a large variety of languages and play pretty much every music genre on earth! CKCU specializes in supporting underground, indie, alternative and up and coming artists you need to hear. Our 300 volunteers and tiny paid staff (4 full-time, 1 part-time) strive to bring you the best in indie & local music & spoken word shows. We do this every week for the love of music, information and our audience - you! Each show does it's own programming - no suits making repetitive playlists! This makes the station quite special for listeners to find great new music, and for bands and artists to get airplay when they don't sound like the cookie cutter stuff that tends to dominate mainstream radio. For years we have featured news via the BBC - and Ottawa being the capital city we have had the good fortune to have received donations from various of the countries Prime Ministers.


To stay on air we need money so 2 weeks of every year we come to you with our hats out seeking your help to keep the music and good radio flowing... We do have some advertisers but CRTC regulation limits how much we can raise that way. There is also a student levy but that pays only a part of our budget. The other more than third of our budget every year comes from the funding drive and our beloved listeners. The money is used for rent (the university gouges us for $50,000 each year!), telephone bills, music rights payments (including streaming licenses for our on-demand shows), as well as broadcast and computer equipment which wear out from time to time and need to be replaced. By law we also have to pay insurance. Of course with inflation running rampant, none of this is cheap!

Because we are volunteer run charity none of the DJ's or producers receives a penny of the cash we raise to stay on air.


You can donate online at our secure site:
Our goal this year is $130,000.00 #supportckcu 613-520-3920 1-877-520-3920

The station is having a draw for donations over $20...

For donations of $20 or more you will be entered into a draw for 2 tickets to an NAC concert

For donations of $40 or more, you will be entered into a draw for an iPod

For donations of $60 or more, you will be entered into a draw for an iPad

For donations of $80 or more you will be entered into a draw for a GoPro Camera

For donations of $100 or more you will know that you totally RULE!

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