Friday, November 7, 2014

Videscape - The World’s First Video and Audio Platform

Sharing via Tom Oswald:

The world’s first video and audio platform

Videscape is a new platform with a new revenue sharing system. It is housed on Amazons AWS server system, meaning it has virtually unlimited server and bandwidth capabilities. Pinterest, dropbox, Flappy birds and many others were all launched through the AWS server system.

So, Why Videscape?

1. Unique revenue sharing scheme, not only do we share 3rd party advertising revenue but we share revenue from all 6 of our income streams in a 50/50 split resulting in much higher pay outs per stream (potentially up to 8 cents a stream at 10 million users a month)

2. AWS server capabilities, meaning virtually unlimited computing and bandwidth resources

3. It’s a new platform, meaning a lot less content, your videos are far more likely to be found

4. Full video promotion capabilities, at 3 cents a view it is 70% cheaper than YouTube to promote your videos to audiences outside of your local network

5. A multi format platform, not just music videos but every other type of video excluding pornography or illegal content

6. The world’s first platform that combines MP3 uploads with videos, 100 audio streams can be supplied at the cost of 1 video stream resulting in effectively 100 times the revenue for 1 upload.

7. The site will host podcasts, MP3’s and video meaning no more jumping site to site to find relevant content (Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud etc)

8. With MP3 uploads content growth will increase dramatically, with podcasts included we will have an even more diverse amount of content thus more organic hits from search engines

9. The site is 11 weeks old and already appears 3,000 times a day in google search results. If your content is on Videscape and nowhere else your content will still appear top ranked on the first page of Google

10. Full ecommerce systems, sell your content on the site right underneath the video promoting it

11. Constant research and development into cost cutting and enhancing revenue. Costs have already been cut by over 200% since platform launch and we anticipate further cost cutting thus resulting in revenue stream increases therefore more pay to the content creators. This is one of our core ethos.

12. Content ID system being created to protect and enforce piracy concerns

13. First adopters will be able to grow with the platform and provide feedback to shape the platform.

14. Share holdings are available, Spotify is largely owned by the Major labels. This could be shaped and owned by the independents creating a new wholly independent platform

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