Sunday, August 10, 2014

Featured Show: Brian Player’s Acoustic Cafe

Brian Player’s Acoustic Cafe is a Radio Show broadcast around 15 times a week on internet and FM Radio Stations.
It features emerging artists from the world of Acoustic, Folk, Jazz and Rock music.
The show states it is where “Emerging Artists feature alongside Established Performers”.
The show attracts some 3000 listeners on a weekly basis and has a “Play again” feature through Mixcloud.

Brian started in Radio well over twenty years ago in his local hospital radio station in Surrey England.
However, career matters and other diversions took him away from the decks for a long period until taking an early retirement provided him the time to return to his love of radio.
His first show was on the then new internet station Radio Basingstoke. The format then developed into the show as we know it today.
That was just two years ago and in that time the show has gained popularity and is now syndicated to seven radio stations, one of which is in Canada.

A more recent feature of the show has been the periodic “Live” shows. Here artists are interviewed and then perform in front of a small audience, the whole thing is recorded and turned into a two hour “Special” for the stations that carry the show.
These live events are held in a local arts centre and attract artists from all over the UK and one well known New York Rocker ( Marla Mase) included an appearance in her European tour.
Brian would like the show to reach an even wider audience and is always keen to hear from Radio Stations that might like to feature the show that is supplied completely free of charge.

He would also of course like to hear from the Acoustic Musicians that make the show such a success and can be reached via his web site

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