Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Dyatonics - A New Indie Band From Ireland

New Irish band The Dyatonics describe themselves in their own words:

So we are The Dyatonics (it's the opposite of chromatic but spelt with a "y" because we're cool like that). Variations include "The Dynatonics" "The Deeyatonics" and "The Gin and Tonics"....classic. We're from Dublin, the only county in Ireland as far as we know! Our music is based around ballsy riffs and punchy ass chords, but we consider it to be indie/alternative regardless ;)

Let me introduce the band: We have Daniel Hoff (Lead Vocals), George Ryan (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Malone (Rhythm Guitar), Emmet White (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Brendan Bolger (Drums). I suppose the best thing about the band is that we’re playing with our best friends, people who we’ve grown up with and been through everything with. Having the ability to know your band mates inside and out really contributes to your performance on stage. In a recent review written by Pure M Magazine the author talked about how we gelled well together on stage and how our presence was electrifying. This is our gospel, you will not come to one of our shows to be bored, you will be dancing and so will we.

I'm sitting here thinking about what influences to write, but we listen to a serious amount of bollocks: Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Future Islands, Metronomy, Blur, TDCC, Biffy Clyro, I guess they'd be the best shout!

2014 has been a hectic year for us. We recorded our 2nd studio E.P which we launched on November 10th. We played a heap of gigs, festivals, parties everything....great craic! We've bigger and better things planned for 2015! We’re looking forward into the future, big plans, big ideas. We plan to release 2 new singles between now and within the 1st half of next year, we plan to shoot our debut music video down in Galway over December and of course we will continue to gig across Ireland. Hopefully we’ll land more festivals this year because you honestly can’t beat the buzz of a festival. The idea of a tour has always been on our minds but I think we will wait until the time is right to start organising that, perhaps once we increase our exposure. Obviously milestones such as management, record labels and albums are what every band aims for but we will see what happens as we are here for the long run! I believe that we are still very new to the scene and there is much we can do to make our live experience better which we are working on constantly. Expect many gigs from us over the Christmas holidays across Dublin!

So how did this thing we have going on here come about? Well in the early months of 2012 a few lads who could half play their instruments (some of which didn't own their own instruments) got together and played some tunes. Funnily enough the 1st song we EVER wrote is still in our set from time to time today! But yeah when it comes to starting from the bottom we're the prime example, no money, no mates, just the ability to string together some banging tunes together and the ability to have the craic whilst doing it!

The great thing is that despite all the craic etc. that we've had, we've also been able to do great things with our music. To date we've organised/played two charity gigs, both of which were sold out in The Academy/UCD and this has allowed us to raise money for great causes. We've met some great people along the way and we hope we can continue to do this for the foreseeable future!

Our proudest moment to date would have to be this 2nd studio E.P. We worked so so hard on it and the launch show was incredible! The response was amazing and now we have a good buzz around our material which is exactly what we aim for! The E.p came out very well and we are really happy with how the tracks sound!

You can find us on Facebook (The Dyatonics), Twitter (@thedyatonics), Bandcamp (dyatonics) (stream)

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