Thursday, September 10, 2015


Congratulations are in order for two wonderful groups of artists who have recently returned from New Orleans!

LadyLake Entertainment had the honor of promoting two fabulous acts - Diane Cameron Elam and The Sharon Lia Band - in this year's Cutting Edge Music Business Conference held August 26th through the 29th, in a special 10 year Katrina Remembrance anniversary salute. President Obama was on hand, and several other Katrina recognition events happened all through the area. This was the 23rd annual CEMBC, a 4-day event that draws together established and aspiring music industry professionals from around the world and unites them in New Orleans (NOLA).

LadyLake's exquisite singer from Atlanta, Diane Cameron Elam, who has charted nationally and internationally, along with her fabulous band including: drummer Fred Alexander of the Original Lakeside Band, James Chip Mercadel rocking the guitar, Roger Weaver on keys, Charles Elam on sax, bass player extraordinaire Sylvester Andrews and the vocal styling of Tonya Smith-Cameron, were on hand to provide some swinging jazz. Diane and her band played several shows at the conference, and fans around the world remarked about their level of skill and talent.
Much gratitude goes to C Sharp Mokeki, a spectacular singer/songwriter from South Africa, who also kindly shared the live shows from NOLA with the world via Periscope!

Performing in one of the music capitals of the world, the French Quarter in NOLA, was quite an accomplishment for Mid-Atlantic regional act The Sharon Lia Band. Sharon and her band, who have been touring locally in the Trenton/Philly and NYC area this past year, were invited to perform by Eric Cager, director of the CEMBC, who reviewed the band’s material and decided they were a great fit to be among the chosen spotlighted artists. They played two shows at Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club and the Little Gem Saloon where legendary musicians have performed, and made sure to take in some of the sights, Cajun fare, and local sounds during their visit to the area.

New friends and fans were made in the “Big Easy”, as Sharon and her band mates wowed the audiences with their original music, which included two hot new un-released songs (Sick Addiction and Hunter & Slayer) and tunes from their two albums. Their music garnered the attention of Vernon P. Thomas, Esq of the CEMBC, as well as an international audience watching worldwide on Periscope.
The members of the Sharon Lia Band are songwriter/singer Sharon Lia on piano/keys, guitarist Rick Jannotti, drummer Howie Fallon and guest bassist Davey Angelo, who closed the show with fan favorite “Fairytales” from Sharon Lia’s solo album “Welcome to My World”.

Both bands were cheered on by their fans and friends and were warmly received on social media, notes their publicist Cindy D’Adamo and her PR team at LadyLake Entertainment. A memorable moment occurred when roster-mates Diane Cameron and her band, and Sharon and the Sharon Lia Band shared the stage together during their conference performances. The camaraderie and musical unity was perhaps the most magical of all experiences for these great bands, which completely transcended the boundaries of race, age, and genre.

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