Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ION Indie Magazine to Produce Half Hour Music Video Show for My Jam TV

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Revolutionary 24-Hour Music Network and Globally Syndicated MY JAM TV is Launching to a Viewing Audience of 50 Million Households

CEO/Editor-in-Chief of ION Indie Magazine, Kiki Plesha, announced today that the publication has joined with MY JAM TV—the brainchild of Television Network Executive Russ Markowitz and Producer/Writer David S. Zucker. ION has been enlisted to provide a half hour music video show, JAM ON ION, featuring the best of Independent Commercial music videos, drawing from those featured in the publication. It will be carried by Roku, Direct TV, (with a deal pending with Comcast) and will be broadcast throughout the U.S. and the U.K.

Russ Markowitz shares his vision for the channel, “In addition to featuring these incredible talented ION INDIE artists, MY Jam TV will also become your source for everything that is “entertainment.” We will feature segments on topics covering gear, education, legal issues, trends, talent and more. MY Jam TV will entertain, educate and inspire.”

Says Kiki Plesha regarding this exciting opportunity with My Jam TV, “Since its inception in June of 2014, ION Indie Magazine’s goal has been to get Independent music read about and heard. Our interactive platform both streams music and videos, and in keeping with our mission, we have linked with 14 radio broadcast affiliate/partners, who are forwarded the music that appears in our magazine for consideration for their rotations. With this network broadcast opportunity with My Jam TV, we can now provide exposure for the videos we feature to a wide television audience…everybody wins!”

Jay Petsko, Art Director of ION Indie Magazine, will be overseeing production of the half hour video show and will be working closely with both the network and Ms. Plesha in the selection process of the videos and development of the program.

Besides the ION Indie video program, My Jam TV will present a full lineup of live concert streaming, music talk shows, video countdowns, music competitions, artist showcases, various other music related programming, along with career-supporting opportunities for Independent artists.

To learn more about ION Indie Magazine, visit the web site at For interview requests or additional information, please contact Kiki Plesha at

For additional information on My Jam TV, write to

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