Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Tangibles - Best Up and Coming Rock Band for 'New Frankenstein'

The winner of this year’s Best Up and Coming Rock Band are The Tangibles, a forward thinking alt-rock, jazz, funk and electronic foursome that hails from the great state of New Jersey. Similar to their homestate, they make no apologies for being loud and bringing their distinct personality to their music. Comprised of Brianna Ryder (vocals), Mike Sheffer (guitar/drums/synth), Derek Ouimet (bass/guitar) and Doron Sheffer (guitar/keys), the band is fresh off the press with their formation in early 2011.The Tangibles’ eclectic indie inspiration by artists like Joy Division, John Frusciante, Aesop Rock and Rx Bandits create an individual sound that is multifaceted (with the chaotically beautiful guitar riffs of Sheffer/Ouimet and smoothed over by soulful vocal styling of Ryder.) Their love for true creative expression and each other is prominent from all the sounds they cultivate. As a collective they wish to create honest music by experimenting with noise and life. You can find them at their band pages, , or touring throughout the tri-state area. The Tangibles will be reentering the studio in Jan 2012. Their debut EP “Almost” is available for download now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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