Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McAlister Drive - Best Potential Hit Single for 'Hands In Your Pockets'

McAlister Drive is ROCK for people who like Folk, Soul, and Pop. With a modern sound that inspires Jet and Tom Petty to walk down the aisle during an Arcade Fire song, you might find McAlister Drive to be the newborn lovechild… or participating in the open bar at the reception. With roots from New Orleans, Boston, and Brooklyn, this band is now corrupting the better part of the US and Canada to believe in an infused genre mindset. They have been called “chameleons of the stage” and an “organic chaos,” which might be confusing at first, but will certainly confirm your agreement when you step into any McAlister Drive concert. There are mustaches, grooves, serious personalities, and special guests at every show that will make you question your ability to be popular. Expect a lot out of MD in 2012, as there will be a new full length record release, an extensive US and Canada tour, a live record, and a bunch of spontaneous other releases!

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