Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Plastic Revolution - Indie CD of the Year for 'Postmodern Medicine'

The music of The Plastic Revolution (TPR) is riddled with substance and is undeniably poignant. Characterized by untraditional song-structure, fantastically catchy hooks, and explosive exploratory lyrics, this music is truly a “revolution” of dynamic proportions.This kind of insight is what the pop-loving, everyday people of the world crave. It is music that is a social necessity in contemporary life: breaking all constraints and categorizations. Ultimately, no subject is taboo and this music is not merely pop/punk/electronica/hardcore or any other characterization. The Plastic Revolution is what we all are, a rough collection of the constant bombardment of stimuli thrown at us at all times; sometimes passionate and sometimes perverse, but always emotive. TPR is currently touring the US 2011-12 and scheduled for a return European Tour later in 2012.

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