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Texas Music Week Goes Global With #SXDU South By Down Under

In a groundbreaking, globally-shared promotional campaign, "SXDU," founded by LadyLake Entertainment, (the promoters of Texas Indie Fest), international music companies unite as a powerful amplified community to support and grow each others' purposes and projects. Reaching 500K views in pre-launch, #SXDU is expected to reach an audience of 1M via combined social media platforms.

LadyLake Entertainment

Celebrating their tenth anniversary supporting independent arts and events, social media influencers LadyLake Entertainment have decided to take their annual SXSW post-event promotion to not only their ENVISION Indie Coalition of over two million followers, but to an extended global audience. #SXDU, South By Down Under, a cooperative publicity campaign aligning several international music companies in a shared publicity promotion distributed online around the world, will include distribution to social media outlets in Australia, England, Ireland, Germany and the US.

David Martinez SXSW 2017

From the Music Week anchor event in Austin - Texas Indie Fest, held annually at the historic Red Shed Tavern and presented by Ervin V. Pulliam of Match1 Entertainment and Jeff "Classic" Popka of Indie On Air! Records, LadyLake "Artist In Residence" David Martinez, a SXSW veteran, performed on Friday March 17th. The three day event showcased some of the finest independent talent from local, national and international artists. Joining David in the TIF 2017 lineup was the all-female rock group WEEP from Florida, a LadyLake Artist Spotlight winning band chosen from a field of five thousand Reverbnation applicants. The festival was streamed by Envision members Fish Creek Radio / DJ Richard Bedell with sound provided by Kingdom Sound of Austin.

David Martinez with Rock Army Records - SXSW 2017

David Martinez, one of the most popular artists in all genres in South Texas, has done several US tours including the Envision backed Crazy Ride East Coast Tour 2013 spanning from Florida to Boston and the Come On And Love Me Tour of NYC. David has recorded three professional albums airing on indie, community, college, and commercial radio across the US/UK including locally on Texas stations KETR, KPFT, 1760 AM Dewberry Community Radio in San Antonio and in Corpus Christi on C101 Rocks' Area 101 with Monte Montana and on 106.5 The Shark. David has appeared locally on KIII News and is active in community arts supporting the Marina Arts District, performing at Executive Surf Club - often with local stars Matt Hole and Sonny Salinas, at the House of Rock, Bay Jammin' Series, Veranda at Schlitterbahn, Vino Mio, Holiday Inn, Port Royal, Mesquite St. Pizza, The Exchange CC, Ritz Theater, Churchyard, Fiesta Winery, Chelsea's, Calypso Coffee, Riley's Pub, Tapology, Cassidy's, Gator's, Vernon's, The Nest and many other local and regional venues. The David Martinez Band has performed at Mathis Freedom Fest in 2015 and 2016, sharing the bill with Vallejo, Statesboro Revue, Billy Jo Shaver and Johnny Rodriguez. After performing at Texas Indie Fest, David realigned with old friends Planet LA Records, performing for Whole Planet "Musicians For Microcredit" Showcase at Whole Foods Domain in Austin.

WEEP Performing at Texas Indie Fest 2017

Female rockers WEEP have shared their music from the Space Coast of Florida to the West Coast and all across the nation, impacting the lives of music lovers of all ages with their infectious melodies, tight harmonies and lyrics that echo the human condition. Their unique sound blends rock, funk and a touch of the blues together to create an acoustic tapestry that is both modern and nostalgic. In a word....Electric! Discovering them on Reverbnation, LadyLake found elements of The Bangles and the Motown girl groups of the Sixties. Together, Robin, Kimi, Melanie and Kat will take you on a musical journey with a sound that not only heals, inspires, transforms and empowers, but they will rock your soul to the core! The ladies of WEEP went from Texas Indie Fest to a performance at Dripping Springs, TX prior to their return to Florida.

StoneKracker at Heart of Texas Rock Fest

We were pleased to find our friends from Ear Splitting Media active amongst the wide variety of events taking place during SXSW. A big opportunity for independent artists lies within the SXSW unofficial party and showcase scene, which offers free events which are easy to attend and often come with freebies such as food, drinks, and swag bags or samples. Ear Splitting Media decided to do a full investigation for their Out on the Town video series while supporting their band StoneKracker who performed at the Heart of Texas Rock Fest. They also enjoyed the music of Stoned Evergreen Travelers from Tacoma, Washington, Heritage Band from Destin, Florida, and J and the 9s from Brooklyn, New York during Music Week. You can see more of their favorites, including artists from the Chicken Ranch Records SXSW Day Party 2017 at the Ear Splitting Media YouTube Channel.

Top Trending Radio Show - Music 101 on Twin Radio

At the same time our group was in Austin, our friend in Australia, Dallas Cosmas of Prototype Musique (, an independent music production label, had put the finishing touches on his new release, "The Memory Keys". We had met Dallas in 2016 through our great friends in radio, Twin Radio Syndicate. Hosts Carnell and Darnell Alexander put together a wonderful LadyLake/ Prototype musical showcase on their top-rated show "Music 101" then, and when Dallas had a new release coming out the SXDU idea began.

"The Memory Keys" by Dallas Cosmas

About "The Memory Keys": Seeing great records as "timeless" and upon revisiting his vinyl collection, Dallas Cosmas reflected on the effect of music and how that changes with age. He then went back to the music which had affected him the most during his formative years. These reflective thoughts created the in studio dialogue which resulted in his new album "The Memory Keys".

About Prototype Musique: Prototype Musique operates a collective of multi-tasked musicians and engineers that will work with your ideas to help shape it into high production music whether your vibe is high-gear rock, self penned acoustic, glittering pop or sampling jazz beats, capturing you at your very best utilizing a wide mix of digital & vintage analogue equipment. Prototype Musique was formed by composer/producer Dallas Cosmas who has been a stalwart of Melbourne’s thriving music scene for around 3 decades writing, performing and recording, also touring nationally around Australia holding down multi-instrumental work. He has performed and produced in all styles for groups, solo and cinematic work. This work includes local and international digital releases including Aria-charting albums.
Prototype is "very pleased to be teaming across the Pacific with U.S promo heavy-weights, LadyLake PR."

New Release by Sennid Simon from In-Ex Records

As frequently occurring on social media, during our pre-promotion of this project, we met new friends, UK label In-Ex Records ( who are releasing rastafarian reggae "Ire With You" by Sennid Simon of Oregon in a few weeks. Please visit ( for more music and information. In-Ex Records established for twelve years, is not only an independent record label, but are also registered PRS / MCPS members. They specialize in unsigned and indie artists who are interested in taking their music career to that ‘next’ level. The company was founded by Senior, who while growing up in the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica, came across several of today's well known famous reggae artists and musicians, including Admiral Tibet, Ninja, Ansell Collin, Luciano and more, who were finding it difficult getting themselves recognized by major record labels and publishing companies. Having observed the industry since then, and seeing that the same problem still exists, In-Ex Records was give artists a 'real deal'.

LadyLake Entertainment Celebrates 10 Years!

Artists and companies from around the globe can unite easily through the use of social media, engaging their networks and sharing information and links which reach new audiences with the click of a mouse and the ease of mobile devices. Says Cindy D'Adamo, social media influencer and indie music expert, "It does not take a huge budget to achieve global arts promotion." An innovator in cross promoting, her company LadyLake Entertainment and the ENVISION Indie Coalition of over twenty independent media and music professionals, has hosted two benefit shows for Music 4 Vets in Charlotte, NC and in Denver CO, as well as the David Martinez "Crazy Ride" East Coast US Tour. The LadyLake motto, "Karma is our Business", (which got the nod from visionary entrepreneur Richard Branson), comes to force as tangible positive energy as the SXDU project becomes alive, with information going to hundreds of thousands globally via shared social media networks and platforms.

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