Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Behind the Scenes With Irish Jinger

1. Hello Irish!! It's great to be here with you! Can you please tell us briefly who you are, where we can listen to your show, etc.

- I'm Irish Jinger, radio host from The Irish Jinger Show who takes place every Friday on W4cy Radio at 4pm ET till end of July. I need to precise that from August the 1st my Show move to every Monday at 3pm ET same Radio Station.

2. How long have you been doing internet radio? How did you get started?

- I started my Radio Show to January 2014, a little more that 2 years ago then. I started thanks Jimmy Star and a lot of different coincidences... I first promoted new artists on FB & Twitter when I asked to Dean K. Piper (The Radio Owner) if I could make play them to Jimmy Star Show, he responded to me that Jimmy were already so busy and he offered me to having my own Show on the Radio Station. I first really doubted coz I were not sure to talking english fine enough that for hosting but I finaly accepted the oportunity and I really don't have regret to having did it.

3. What is the best thing about having a live internet radio show? What is the worst?

- The best thing is for sure the different connections that you have with different peeps, that it be the artists, producers, actors, writers but also the listeners! The fact to having a Live Show give you the oportunity to be more interactive with poeple and build a link with them and between them and the guests. The worst thing is that you become quickly addict to hosting! Lol! I mean, I've really difficulties sometimes to canalize my enthusiasm and 50 minutes by week is not enough for me, so sometimes I call in to the other Shows... I again need to manage this...

4. What has been the craziest thing a guest has done while live on your show?

- I've one or two differents stuff in my mind... The first is the second time that David Britt (A Country Artist) came to my Show and that he sang "Everybody Act Like An Animal" and that I did the animal's cry, we had a lot of fun to this Show and we were dead of laugh; the second one is less funny, Dean K. Piper had called to my Show when I had a guest and asked to me 5 minutes of Live for talking about something, I accepted but apparently not my guest and after having insulted my Boss, my guest is gone to the middle of the Show... Thanks to God, Dean accepted to stay and finished the Show with me and Rebel.

5. Now some fun questions!! We know you love pizza! What is your favorite pizza??

- My favorite pizza is definitely the "Margherita" even if I apreciate really this one to salmon too.

6. What is the strangest pizza you have had?

- You need to know that I like test new taste for pizza like by example the mushrooms and pumpkin pizza for Halloween that we tested Carla & I two years ago and since it is our official Halloween Pizza! But some months ago I would test "The Brussels Sprouts Pizza" and I need to confess that it was not a good idea... It is good but too stodgy, really too stodgy!

7. What is one pizza you would never eat?

- If there is something that I don't support on a pizza it is artichokes... I really hate that and another thing is herrings so I could easily respond that a "Herrings & Artichokes Pizza" should be one that you'll never see me eating! Ever!

8. What is in your refrigerator?

- You will find vegetables, meats and apple juice... Ha! Yes! I almost forgot... The more important! The mayonaise!!! I can't do without!

9. What is your favorite thing to drink?

- Like I said previously, I've always apple juice on my fridge. I'm a big fan of apple juice... I can almost saying that I'm addict to it even if I appreciate sometimes a Fanta too.

10. What is your favorite band / artist to listen to?

- It is really hard for me to respond to this question coz I listen to so much artists and so much good artists that I can't chose... In the old ones I like partically every Hard Rockers, AC/DC, Slades, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and it's true that the Rock and especially Hard Rock stay my favorite style of music even if I can really apreciate some other style of music...

11. Where can we find you?

You can find me on Facebook: - Twitter: - Google + (Irish Jinger Show) - Linkedin (Irish Jinger) - Youtube (IRISHJINGER) - -

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