Tuesday, October 13, 2015

'Beast Machine' - BRAND NEW SciFi Book by Brad McKinniss

Our friend Brad McKinniss has a BRAND NEW science fiction book out that we think YOU should check out!

Enjoy Science-Fiction, but haven't read much original Science-Fiction? Give "Beast Machine" a read today!


Twenty-something Gora is out for revenge against a group of scientists that have ruined her career. She uses her scientific knowledge to create "beasts" with her rightfully named Beast Machine. Hilarity and adventure ensues. At the same time, middle-aged billionaire Chairman Obelis is trying to figure out a way to use his influence (money) for good. He enters the race to become Governor of Arkansas but finds it difficult appealing to the citizens. In the process, both stories intermingle and find that humanity has not been in control of its own destiny for some time.

It's currently only an eBook ($5.49) and is only available through Amazon, but if you have Kindle Unlimited (normally comes with Prime or it did at some point) you can read it for free! The paperback version of the book should be out in two and a half weeks, if that's more your bag.

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