Monday, April 2, 2012

Q&A with Ilona!

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Ilona, a singer and writer of songs from Bulgaria, living in London. I started my music career 9 months ago after being discovered by producer Tony Moore.

2) When did you first take an interest in music?
From the age of 6, I've always been interested in music and art in any form. I used to imitate the big American divas and choreograph and perform concerts for friends and neighbours.

3) What artists would you compare your sound to?
Other professional ears have likened my voice to Shania Twain, Karen Carpenter and Kiki Dee, which is very kind.

4) On your recent US tour, what did you find surprising or unexpected?
I was pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and incredible passion with which US audiences receive good music. One thing that shocked me a little were the food portions in restaurants!

5) How do you feel about your rapid insurgence into music?
Very excited, grateful for the opportunity, and ready to take on bigger stages.

6) Can you tell our readers a bit about the new CD?
It will feature original songs with big anthemic choruses and a universal, positive message. It carries the spirit of endurance, finding your passion and holding on to it, and believing in yourself despite trouble and pain.

7) Do you plan to do more touring? Any dates?
Definitely! Once the album is recorded, I plan to release a single and tour the UK and the US, this year.

8) Describe a day of fun in Bulgaria.

The ultimate day of fun in Bulgaria would be spending time on the beach with my friends.

9) Your favorite thing about America was... The SXSW Festival. It was an intense week!

10) Where can people find more info about you?
Follow me on facebook at and twitter on

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