Thursday, December 9, 2010

LadyLake Indie Awards for 2010

We’d like to thank the many artists from around the globe who sent in music to be considered for these awards.

We truly had a hard time deciding on the finalists!

(None of our artists were eligible for selection.)

So, here are our choices for Outstanding Achievement in Indie Music for 2010!

Best Indie Folk Solo - Loretta Hagen

Best Indie Folk Duo - Mercy Creek

Best Indie Pop Single Female - Kendra Gale for ‘Here We Go’

Best Indie Pop Male - Rob Taylor

Best Indie Pop Single by Band - Naked On Roller Skates for ‘Sugar’

Best Indie Pop/Rock Band - Oh No Not Stereo

Best Indie Pop/Punk Band - Stella Park

Best Indie Rock Single - Leah LeGrace for ‘This Isn’t You’

Best Indie Rock Band - Life Without Warning

Best Indie Single Female – Paulina Logan for ‘Sorry’

Best Indie Single Male - Jed Sheldon for ‘Better Off Alone’

Best Indie Female Singer/Songwriter - Camille Bloom

Best Indie Male Singer/Songwriter - Lee Tyler Post

LadyLake Indie Award of Social Consciousness 2010 - Carrie Armitage

Best All Around Indie CD - Jamie & Steve for ‘English Afterthoughts’

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