Thursday, April 8, 2021

WIMG Presents Buddy Dog Benefit Concert

About WIMG: Women In Music Gathering is an artist-alliance organization of mostly New England based singers and singer-songwriters. They are intergenerational and welcome women of all musical genres. They exist to support one another personally and professionally and to perform together in WIMG group shows, including charity benefits.
Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury MA (@buddydoghs) has been a longstanding favorite charity for WIMG. Many of their members are animal lovers. A number of members of the group have even adopted cats and dogs from Buddy Dog. Loretta Hagen and Tia McGraff may live outside of New England, but they are equally dedicated to four leggeds and animal rescue. They all appreciate the great work Buddy Dog does every day, helping find forever homes for worthy cats and dogs. And in the pandemic more people than ever have benefitted from the comfort of a four legged angel... and the needs of a non-profit like Buddy Dog have been more complicated due to restrictions of the pandemic. WIMG started a Buddy Dog annual benefit concert in 2019 with a fabulous show at Boston's Club Cafe. They planned to do a 2020 live show, but the pandemic made live shows impossible. So, when the group decided it would try a virtual show, they decided it was only natural to do a benefit for Buddy Dog.


Linda Marks
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Special Guest (thank you Trespass Music)
Tia McGraff

Special Guest (thank you Trespass Music)
Loretta Hagen

Mary Crowe

Roberta Lamb

Lori Zuroff

CiCi Eberle

Kat Chapman

Meral Ekinocioglu

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Legendary Producer Stuart Epps Announces New Independent Label 'Epps Records'

Having toured America with Elton John, produced and engineered records for Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bill Wyman and Paul Rodgers, Stuart Epps is now focusing on the next generation of up-and-coming artists with his new label Epps Records.
The premier release from the new Epps Records label,"Underwater" by new artist Samantha Gaton of South Carolina, is 'sure to be a radio crossover hit' predicts LadyLake Entertainment, Epps Records' US PR.
Set up by Stuart Epps to launch new artists, expect to see and hear much more from this wonderful artist and innovative new label.
Single and video for "Underwater" and additional label information available here.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Indie Powerhouse Rorie Kelly Launches New Project

LadyLake Entertainment is proud to support our friend Rorie Kelly as she raises funds for her new record.

Rorie is crowdfunding right now to put out a new album called Shadow Work. Says Ms. Kelly, "It is about shining a light in the darkness and healing wounds." With this pandemic affecting all of our lives, we could all use uplifting words, healing and hope!

Offered perks range from a download to a signed vinyl to a tarot reading to a house concert. These are but a few of the interesting and eclectic benefits you can receive by making a donation.

Click to view the project here

Every view, donation and share helps so please support in any way you can!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Ivory Tower Project Scores Deal With DreamWorks/ NBC Universal

Congratulations are in order for Ivory Tower Project, one of the most industrious bands in the independent music industry, having recently landed a placement in 'Wizards: Tales of Arcadia' airing on industry giant, Netflix. The band's track, 'My Name' from their debut album 'Red Hot', can be heard on Episode 106 of the series, which premiered late Summer 2020.
Two-time 'Artist Of The Year' winners on Cygnus Radio's 'Independent Corner' show, Ivory Tower Project can be heard coast to coast and around the world on and impressive 800 radio stations in 36 countries and is also a Top Ten chart topper in Rock on Reverbnation for New York. ITP is definitely an audience favorite with worldwide fans and friends alike.
The entire Wizards: Tales of Arcadia series is available on Netflix. For more about Ivory Tower Project, please visit:

Friday, July 17, 2020

New Single by Peter Wave - Produced by the Legendary Stuart Epps

New single “When Caroline Cries”

Peter Wave is the Norwegian rock artist aka Petter Wavold.

Petter Wavold has had numerous top spots on the hit lists in his career. So far he has released 11 albums, of those seven studio albums, two “Best Of” and two live albums. He has also released many singles, tunes ranging from hard rock to beautiful ballads with Norwegian texts.

Petter started his career in the late 70’s. Already then his band and him became household names with several appearances under their belt on the very popular youth program “Halv sju”.

Having been a member of many rock bands and cover bands in the 80’s his solo career reached new heights in the early 90’s when he released “Æ længte hjæm”. This song became more or less the “National Anthem” of this hometown Trondheim and is still as popular as ever. It was performed live on NRK TV on the 17th May 2015 in London where the Norwegian Constitution Day Celebrations took place.

The artist name Peter Wave was first used when his band Army launched their single “Waiting Around” in 1983.

Peter Wave is now back and has worked on an album in a recording studio with the legendary record producer Stuart Epps who has previously worked with artists like Sir Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman, Twisted Sister and Chris Rea, to mention a few.

The new single is the second teaser, a friendly power ballad from the coming album to be released later this year.

So prepare yourself to embrace Norwegian/British sing-along at its best with Peter Wave.

Be sure to follow him on social media:

Check out his Website
And be sure to catch him on Spotify and Apple Music

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

LadyLake Celebrates A Month Of Light With WIMG

The Women In Music Gathering (#WIMG) is an intergenerational artist-alliance group of women singer-songwriters and song interpreters based out the Greater Boston area. During COVID19 Quarantine, our gigs have been cancelled, our ability to play music with other musicians real-time is virtually impossible, and both the isolation and the requirements of sheltering at home have introduced all kinds of unprecedented life challenges, no matters ones age or circumstances.

WIMG Founders: Colette O'Connor, Linda Marks, Cindy D'Adamo

Cofounder Linda Marks interviews group members highlighting their works of light.
Here are vignettes of ways five members of #WIMG have been “lighting up the love” during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Linda Marks:

What does one do when one has two professions that are both face-to-face based when social distancing becomes a way of life? #WIMG Co-founder Linda Marks, mind-body psychotherapist and singer-songwriter encountered this very predicament. Both her gigs and the shows she produced began getting cancelled in March. And as the weeks went by, gigs and shows into the summer got cancelled. As COVID19 started to creep its way into our lives in early March, it became clear that therapists could no longer see their clients in person. But teletherapy on Zoom at that time was not covered by insurance companies, removed the essential in person contact of the client-therapist relationship, and for body-centered work, could not allow for the possibility of physical touch in healing work.

Despite the limitations of virtual platforms, Linda realized that she needed to adapt and bring whatever she could to her two professions while everyone was sheltering in place. So, livestream concerts and tele therapy via Zoom and Skype became the pathways to maintain connection. Gratefully, many of her clients recognized the need to do tele therapy, and her monthly Community As Healer group could continue virtually. Linda has been doing 2 - 3 livestream performances each week, including charity fundraisers, Her weekly series “Songs From the Heart, Meditations For the Heart” livestream integrates both her professions, including many of the new songs written in quarantine. Most recently, with her monthly house concert series, the Music Salon on pause due to the pandemic, Linda created a virtual house concert series called the Music Salon Live. The need for musicians to perform is clear: within 36 hours of announcing the series, 36 musicians already were asking to play. “Seeing people tune in and comment during a livestream makes it clear how much people need live music for inspiration during this tough time,” Linda reflects.

Colette O’Connor:

When the person with severe cancer that #WIMG Co-founder Colette O’Connor takes care of came down with symptoms similar to what you might expect for COVID19 early in the quarantine timeline, she got him to the hospital for testing. Her experience was surreal, like out of the movie “ET,” including staff in protective gear and needing to stay in her car while he was in the hospital. He got over his illness well, but three days later, Colette came down with symptoms, that left him taking care of her for the next three weeks. She describes it as “something that felt like outrageous allergies and bronchitis that wanted to be pneumonia.” To make household matters even more complicated, her 30something son, who works on the front lines as a meat cutter, got sick and the illness went to his lungs. He had to go through 2 weeks off from work in quarantine, as he recovered. As it turned out, neither Colette’s partner nor son tested positive for COVID19, but the household members surely had symptoms that makes one wonder about they 30% of false negatives in testing.

So, much of Colette’s quarantine experience involved taking care of sick people, keeping in quarantine and out of the mix, and recovering from her own illness. Once she was able to sing and breathe at the same time, she did an online concert. She completed courses for her college degree. Thoughtful poetry has been emerging. And she has been posting inspirational posts on her social media pages. “I have a big red heart on my page to thank everyone on the front lines, like my son who is working 70 hours/week just to keep our food supply going.” “Musicians and artists are essential for morale and emotion. Musicians are lighting up the love artistically” through their creative expression.

WIMG - Burren Backroom Series

Lisa Wexler:

Lisa Wexler lives in a building that is part of the Cambridge (MA) Housing Authority, where 95 - 95% of the residents are low income, including people who are food insecure, and older citizens on social security. Renovations on the building started shortly before sheltering in place became necessary, and decreased the number of residents by about 25%. Having served on the Tenant Council of her building, and aware of issues arising during construction, Lisa approached a friend who had also served on the Tenant Council about forming a tenant advocacy group that would meeting with the building manager monthly, be extra eyes and ears about the gamut of issues that were arising, and be supportive of his efforts regarding issues concerning the residents. The tenant advocacy group had met twice before COVID19 struck, so Lisa is trying to see if the group can continue to meet virtually. Safety concerns and vulnerabilities in the building have been a big focus.

Lighting up the love for Lisa has included thinking about what caring and concerned leadership means. A certain amount of structure needs to be put in place to keep people safe. But hopefully, it can be done in a compassionate way. Posters about social distancing were put up in the elevators. One woman living in the building gave another woman who needed them a mask and gloves. Some neighbors have been sharing or exchanging needed goods, like paper towels and masks. When one woman in the building said she liked Lisa’s mask, Lisa gave her two masks she had purchased specifically because they support hospital workers. All of these efforts are caring on a practical level. “It is very poignant seeing how people are helping each other in this community,” reflects Lisa. “This really is a community.”

Joanne Lurgio:

Joanne Lurgio lives with her 85 year old mom who is living with dementia. Pre-pandemic, this brought its share of daily lessons, including daily challenges to have patience and forgiveness. “For anyone who has dealt with a loved one with a memory issue, learning to let go of what was is not easy.” Creating a new relationship with who her mom is now is conscious work. Quarantine has put Joanne and her mom in closer proximity for longer periods of time. And going out even to get groceries in the COVID19 world brings the fear of bringing something back home to someone so vulnerable.

The pandemic has brought a change in her mom’s alertness and general motivation to do anything. The lack of activities and connections quarantine brings mean a decline. Before quarantine, her mom went to the senior center a couple times each week, where she saw friends and had lunch. A CNA came twice a week for personal care and engage with her mom. With those structures gone, Joanne needs to oversee all aspects of her mom’s care and well-being. Through a stroke of luck three years ago, Joanne found the house she and her mom now live in, which has turned out to be a blessing. “We had no idea we would need to be in such close proximity,” says Joanne. So, lighting up the love is very personal and relational as Joanne tends to her mom.

She has found ways to keep some music going using virtual means, including virtual choral rehearsals, webinars with a group called Songtown, and virtual RISA events. A very special ritual she created, in response to people in Italy singing out the window at 5 pm is a daily 5 pm song share. “I’ve gotten a great response,” acknowledges Joanne. “It shows music brings people healing and comfort, even if it’s one song.”

Kat Chapman:

Kat Chapman is lighting up the love through parenting her two young daughters through this quarantine time. “We don’t see anybody,” noted Kat. And explaining what was going on to her 5 year old daughter was important to prepare her for the fact that she might not be able to go back to school for the rest of the year or see her friends. Kat kept it really honest, giving her daughter the most information she would understand, including talking about helpers. Her daughter is curious, wants to know all about what is going on, and says she wants to be a doctor one day now. When she asks her 2 1/2 year old daughter what her favorite thing to do is, her daughter’s response is “to be with you momma.” Kat is glad she feels that way, because that is what they’re going to be doing.

While it is very surreal for kids to turn their friends into screen time, having a virtual story time or a virtual playdate can still give a bit of a boost. Kat is grateful for during this pandemic time is that they live in the country, where they can go outside and enjoy their surroundings. And not seeing a neighbor is a routine occurrence when living more remotely. Kat shows her daughter lots of closeness and affection. Cooking for one another, taking care of one another and spending time together are ways to share love.

WIMG at The Hearing Room

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Friday, September 14, 2018

International Poetry Contingent - Call For Sponsorship

Whisper from the Heart is a club based in South Africa but also very active with children in Africa

We are a team of people passionate about The Arts and Literature and encourage people (mostly children) in the field of their interest. We promote their music, songs, art, photography, poetry and short stories, giving and getting them as much exposure as possible.

We have a close knit relationship with these young people with many of them looking to us for support and guidance, both professionally and personally.

The Club, Whisper from the Heart, established in 2004 has been extensively involved internationally but more actively in South Africa (and Africa) in the Arts/Music/Literature/Writing and in our existence over 14 years we have:

*Coached thousands of students worldwide in the Arts and Literature
*Hosted a competition each year and paid valuable prizes
*Given thousands exposure by publishing their works of writing (Now 20 books of verse published)
*Released DVD’S each year with their Art and Photography
*Arranged cultural evenings for musicians getting them exposure in the world of music
*Assisted in getting a Student placed for further study in Journalism in the USA
*Averted suicides in young people

All the costs have been met from personal funding over the 14 years.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers working five days a week to make this dream come true for so many students. Our Administrator (Giselle) has manned the full time office for the 14 years as a volunteer.

Our funds are depleted but we are grateful for any funding that can be forthcoming.

Please consider a sponsorship to keep the club afloat (Now threatened with closure disappointing thousands of children in Africa).

You might wish to visit our website and “FEEL” our passion and also be able to make a donation on it.

Please consider joining LadyLake in supporting Whisper from the Heart by donating here. Thank you!